Ambient Media Advertising in India

Ambient media is a part of of Outdoor Advertising Options which is a non-traditional or alternative media. Ambient advertising is all types of advertising at locations where people spend more time. Ambient Advertisements include airlines & airports branding, advertising in shopping malls, multiplexes, coffee shops, gyms, sporting clubs, amusement parks etc. This form of advertising can be static, digital or experiential. Ambient advertising engages with the captive audience and is targeted at HNI clients. Ambient advertisements as compared to traditional out-of-home advertising give better scope for huge Consumer engagement and drive contextually relevant communication for the advertisers. Ambient Media Advertising in India has definitely taken product/service advertising to the next level. Exopic Media is top airline advertising and branding agency which offers innovative ambient media advertising Services on places like airlines, airports, gym, shopping malls, multiplexes etc.

Ambient Media Advertising in India

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