The business practice of creating & distributing relevant content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience in order to drive profitable customer action.

Exopic media is one of the best content marketing companies in India and our services include content strategy, management as well as distribution. We offer the following types of content marketing solutions:

Sponsored Content: Editorial style content created by us

Branded Content: Advertiser- branded content for use on your website, social pages or third-party sites.

Social Media Optimization: Create stories for your brand on multiple social media outlets.

Does Content Marketing Services Really Work?
  • SEO: Google LOVES content. Content is used in their search algorithms to see how reliable a web page is. The more your website content, the greater your SEO hygiene. In fact, 33% of organic search clicks go to the first result.
  • SEM: Content Marketing can help inspire someone to Google your organisation name where they’ll see your ad. Did you know that nearly 50% of marketers spend 10% of their budgets on content?
  • Social Media: Content is KING on social media. And rightly so! The more relevant content you have, the more followers you’ll have. Internet users having at least one social media account make-up almost 75% of the global population!
  • 41% of people are more likely to express intent to buy when viewing web pages with branded or sponsored content having effective Call-to-action.
  • While reading on a reputable third-party site, this same percentage of people are more likely to share sponsored content on social media sites.
  • 70% of Internet users would rather read about a brand than see an Ad.
  • 78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.
  • 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are more likely to buy from that company.

We’re among the best content marketing companies in India and provide tailor-made content services:

  • Website pages
  • Videos, Blogs & Press Releases
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, G+, Trip Advisor, Yelp
  • Printing/framing articles in your office/location

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