Airlines and Inflight magazines advertising in India has been surely gaining a lot of eye balls over the recent years due to its huge readership. These readers are the frequent airline travelers which generally include business owners and decision-makers of big organizations.

Inflight magazine advertising is the only possible way to reach out to these people directly. Inflight magazines give a much needed engagement to airline flyers that need to kill their travel time. The travelers pay a lot of attention due to the captive environment inside aircraft and as a result, every page of the magazine including advertisements gets excellent exposure.

Advertising in Inflight magazine offers an excellent opportunity to the brand owners, media planners and media buyers to reach out to potential target audience. Produced by some quality publishers, these magazines allow many high end and prestigious brands run their advertising campaigns successfully.

Inflight magazine advertising options in India has now been increasing due to increase in the number of regional, national and international airline carriers. Below is the list of top Inflight magazines in India.

Inflight Magazine Advertising Rates

Inflight advertising gives the highest efficiency rate and provides up to multiple times impact than of a traditional media. Inflight magazine advertising rates in India are very competitive as compared to any other traditional mode of advertisements. Inflight Magazine Advertising cost depends on the number of copies circulated and the number of passengers carried by the airlines every month. Exopic Media is one of the top Inflight advertising company in India that work closely with several airlines and their publishers with the aim of providing innovative Inflight magazine advertising options and the best Inflight magazine advertising cost to clients and agencies across India in the above mentioned magazines.

Some Interesting Facts about in flight advertising

  • An Inflight magazine ad generates an overall 25% positive shift in intent to purchase.
  • 81% of the travelers read Inflight magazine.
  • Readers spend average 30-40 minutes time on Inflight magazines in a domestic flight.
  • 7 out 10 acts upon the information provided in Inflight media.
  • 94% people feel that Inflight advertising is more striking.
  • Sample surveys show approximately 77% of passengers remembers the brand after exiting the aircraft.
  • Captive audience that is actively engaged by ads for an average of 1 – 2.5 hours on board.
  • Inflight media provides opportunity for a brand to stand out from the pack.

The Advantages of Inflight Magazine Advertising

Captive Audience: In-flight advertising is one of the best ways to communicate to people who are flying for the reason that they are kept as a captive audience inside aircraft.

Global Reach: With an increase in number of air passengers these days, In-flight media have a global reach of both domestic and international travelers who are flying for business and leisure purposes.

High frequency of exposure: In-flight media has a high frequency exposure to frequent flyers who are the influencing people and the ultimate decision makers.

Tangibility: The content, design, layout, look and feel of the Inflight magazines make it more engaging with the flyers on-board.

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