MY FM advertising is a incredible way for local advertisers as it allows them to reach out to the local community in a highly targeted and cost effective way. MY FM 94.3 FM is one of the best stations for geo targeted advertising as it has city-wise programming, with a minimum of one program relating to the city it airs in. We are offering MY FM advertising services in following cities –

Name Frequency City Language Rate
MY FM, Mumbai 94.3 Mumbai Hindi ₹ NA
MY FM, Chennai 94.3 Chennai Tamil ₹ NA
MY FM, Kolkata 94.3 Kolkata Hindi/Bengali ₹ NA
MY FM, Bangalore 94.3 Bangalore Kannada ₹ NA
MY FM, Delhi 94.3 Delhi Hindi ₹ NA
MY FM, Pune 94.3 Pune Hindi ₹ NA
MY FM, Hyderabad 94.3 Hyderabad Telugu/Hindi ₹ NA
MY FM, Lucknow 94.3 Lucknow Hindi ₹ NA
MY FM, Vadodara 94.3 Vadodara Hindi ₹ NA
MY FM, Ahmedabad 94.3 Ahmedabad Hindi ₹ 35 Per Second
MY FM, Visakhapatnam 94.3 Visakhapatnam Telugu/Hindi ₹ NA
MY FM, Bhopal 94.3 Bhopal Hindi ₹ 17 Per Second
MY FM, Aurangabad 94.3 Aurangabad Marathi ₹ 14 Per Second
MY FM, Surat 94.3 Surat Gujarati/Hindi ₹ 16 Per Second
MY FM, Madurai 94.3 Madurai Tamil ₹ NA
MY FM, Patna 94.3 Patna Hindi ₹ NA
MY FM, Nagpur 94.3 Nagpur Hindi ₹ 15 Per Second
MY FM, Indore 94.3 Indore Hindi ₹ 15 Per Second
MY FM, Coimbatore 94.3 Coimbatore Tamil ₹ NA
MY FM, Jabalpur 94.3 Jabalpur Hindi ₹ 7 Per Second
MY FM, Jalandhar 94.3 Jalandhar Hindi ₹ 14 Per Second
MY FM, Bangalore 94.3 Bangalore Hindi ₹ NA
MY FM, Mangalore 94.3 Mangalore Kannada ₹ NA
MY FM, Rajkot 94.3 Rajkot Gujarati ₹ 12 Per Second
MY FM, Jaipur 94.3 Jaipur Hindi ₹ 26 Per Second
MY FM, Kanpur 94.3 Kanpur Hindi ₹ NA
MY FM, Nashik 94.3 Nashik Marathi ₹ 14 Per Second
MY FM, Thiruvananthapuram 94.3 Thiruvananthapuram Malayalam ₹ NA
MY FM, Kolhapur 94.3 Kolhapur Hindi ₹ NA
MY FM, Vijayawada 94.3 Vijayawada Telugu ₹ NA

MY FM Advertising Rates

Pricing Details of 94.3 FM MY FM Advertising -MY FM Advertising Rates are calculated with following method :

Ad Rates: If the cost of an ad is listed as Rs 600 for a radio station in a city, it means its the pricing unit of 1 jingle played for 10 seconds If advertisers play a 60-second Ad 4 times for 7 days, the cost would be Rs. (600 X 60*4*7)/10 = Rs. 1,00,800.

Discounted Rates: We show the lowest rates the ads can be purchased for directly in our Media Options and Pricing Tab. Additional Discounts on ad rates depend upon the volume of ad buying by advertisers.

Additional Cost: Advertisers will have to pay an additional 15% on discounted rates as a service tax while buying ad spots.

MY FM Advertising Agency

MY FM Advertising Agency in India

Explore the best MY FM Advertising Agency in India (Ad Agency), Book MY FM Advertisement in allover India. As a top 94.3 FM MY FM Advertising agency we offer the best rates to our clients. For more info & and best prices please Get in touch with us @ 011-45660374 or you can also send in your query at

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