Rail Bandhu Magazine: On-Board Magazine of Indian Railways

Rail Bandhu is an Indian Railway’s monthly bilingual magazine that is placed on board all the premium trains, i.e., Rajdhani express, Shatabdi express, Duronto express, Gatiman express and other premium trains across India. Apart from that the magazines copy is also available at over 500 waiting rooms and lounges across India. With a circulation of over 3,00,000 copies per month and a readership of over 5.8 crore annually, the magazine reaches out to higher captive readers than any travel magazine in India. The content of magazine includes travel, tour, art, culture, food, festivals, movies, celebrity, lifestyle and literature etc. that caters to all age group. The bi-lingual content (English & Hindi) of the magazine engages with regular as well as regional readers who travel with Indian railway.

Rail Bandhu Magazine Advertising


Name of the Magazine:Rail Bandhu

Frequency: Monthly
Language: Bi-lingual (Hindi & English)
Distribution:  Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, Gatiman and other premium trains across India
No. of Monthly Travelers: 49+ Lakh
No. Trains per day: Rajdhani-25, Shatabdi-27, Duranto-41, Gatiman-1, Other premium & express trains-161
Total Reach: 117 cities including 21 state capitals
Print run: Over 3 Lakh Copies per issue
Readership: Over 5.8 Crore readers annually

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