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Cricket Stadium Advertising

Cricket Stadium Advertising – In a cricket-crazy country like India, business and marketers are finally having their lions share of attention, thanks to IPL – a trendsetter for sponsorship and advertisement. India is home to about 52 International cricket grounds. All around the year regional, national and international sports events, primarily cricket matches are hosted by these stadiums. Stadium Advertisement Services are the best options for brands to launch their seasonal promotional projects that reap maximum ROI, through increased brand engagement.

Cricket Stadium AdvertisingBoost Your Business with Cricket Stadium Advertising

Numerous brand tap into the cricket frenzy during test matches, one day, international series and IPL. Speaking of Stadium Advertisement Services rates it will vary according to the type of matches being played. For instance, advertising rates during local matches will be far less when compared to the advertising rates during IPL and international cricket matches. Advertisement packages depend upon the following features –

Sight Screen Slot – Ads are generally displayed on HD Perimeter screen or HD Sight screen. The coverage per over ranges from 10-12%.

Balls Per Over –  Ads are displayed for 1 second per ball per over. Or they appear once after every over.

Break Time Loop – During the recess period ads are displayed for over 2 seconds.

Giant Screen Exposure – Brand logos are usually displayed for 5 seconds about 12-20 times during the match.

It has been observed that the most advantageous spot for brand advertising during cricket match telecast, is on the right of the sightscreen, facing the pavilion. Any location on-side of the field is great for brand exposure. While ads placed on the Legside boundaries are usually overshadowed by the former. Interestingly, there is no disparity in the advertisement rates for any of these sites. While the audience is engrossed in the performance of players, brands are at an advantage to capture their attention with vibrant ad visuals.

Being the leading agency in Cricket Stadium Advertising, we are well known for our affordable Stadium Advertisement Services package. Place your ads on the digital display screen or static display boards at the boundaries. Based on your requirements, desires and budget we take care of delivering your brand message across to your target audience effectively through On-side, Twin boards or Legside ad displays. Get highly increased brand visibility, maximize your brand engagement and grow your business with Exopic Media – The No.1 Stadium Advertisement Services in India.

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