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Magenta Line Advertising Rates

How much does it cost to advertise in Delhi Metro Magenta Line? Why should you advertise on the Delhi Metro Magenta Line Stations? Know about Magenta Line Metro Advertising Agency and Magenta Line Advertising Rates (Cost) in Delhi NCR.

Magenta Line Advertising Rates

Exopic Media, One of the Leading Magenta Line Metro Station Advertising Agencies in Delhi!

Since its beginning in the year 2002, Delhi Metro has been the pulse of the city for a very long time at this point. Covering the vastest courses of Delhi to associating the capital with the urban communities of the NCR district, Delhi Metro has been a gift for both office workers and recreation explorers. It abbreviated the distances for voyagers on one hand and opened the universe of chances for sponsors on the other. Indeed! With an everyday ridership of 2.5 million travellers, Delhi metro stations go about as rewarding destinations for brand advertisements.

The ad can be shown on the Panels inside the Metro Train, outside the Train as a Wrap, or the posterior of Metro Smart Cards. Delhi Metro is the lifeline of the NCR and associates Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad through its widespread rail organization. Subsequently advertising inside and outside Metro Train and on the metro smart cards will contact a huge crowd. Rotem trains have 2 variations with 4 coaches and 6 coach trains. Branding alternatives are something similar in both. Bombardier Trains have 2 variations with 6 coach and 8 coach trains.

Metro trains offer adequate room for the placement of advertisements. The metro train network is a method of reaching the majority in an advantageous problem-free manner. We at Exopic Media give eye-catching bulletins that target metro clients and non-clients both at the same time. With very amazing traction and focused methodology in this niche promoting portion, we are turning into a pioneer in doing outside advertising. With a large group of unparalleled benefits like high brand situating, exclusivity, long residency, focused hits, most noteworthy brand review and some more, we have earned the position of being one of the top choices in the advertising budget. We have the aptitude and experience to give you the most creative and savvy alternatives in Delhi metro promotion.

What are the Advantages of having your ad-in Metro Rails? 

  • Having promotions on a metro rail is an incredible lift to the business and its products and services which are being shown in the advertisement.
  • A significant benefit of having our services and promotion in metro rail is that the advertisement will be shown at a similar spot for the length which you have settled on, month, quarter or year.
  • A promotion when seen every day does miracles to your business improvement and engages a long-term gain from the product viewpoint perspective.

How Impactful is Metro Station Branding? 

  • High Brand Reinforcement: As most of the travellers are daily commuters, any ad displayed at the metro station is seen by them repeatedly, which helps to reinforce the name, USP and impression of the brand in the mind of the consumer.
  • High Brand Recall: Advertisements shown on the metro station produce high brand reviews as the intended interest group is presented to the promotion as often as possible. Higher brand recall eventually affects the buying decision of the consumer. He will tend to pick the brand that he sees daily instead of the others that are on the same sale shelf.
  • High Brand Awareness: The ads on the metro station, metro smart cards or metro trains as train wraps attract the commuters’ attention and prompt them to talk about the same. This spreads verbal exchange about the brand and prompts high brand mindfulness.

We esteem your time and put a testing approach with our practical, capricious and out-of-the-crate strategies. We believe that every business should be prolonged and should also merit an atmosphere that supports development. That is the reason we pour additional consideration to construct brands as well as guarantee legitimate sustainable projects to make an incentive for our accomplices. We don’t portray our activities, we initiate them. With a strong group of devoted, inventive and energetic experts, our aggregate endeavours are to assist our accomplices with developing their organizations and understand their promoting objectives.

Exopic Media is an Advertising, Digital Marketing and Creative office situated in New Delhi, India. Established with the sole reason to collaborate essential speculation with inventiveness, we give imaginative answers for testing ideas and work groundbreaking brands for the individuals who don’t get effectively dazzled. With expertise across various forms of advertising, branding, and digital marketing, we offer 360° brand communication strategy and advertising solutions with services such as Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Designing, Video Production, Photoshoot, Printing, Radio advertising, Outdoor advertising, Events, Web Development, Digital Advertising, Social Media advertising, Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization services, Content Marketing and Google adverts (Pay Per Click) to help brands achieve their desired results.

Through our ability across different types of promoting and advertising, we have procured the trust and reverence of our accomplices and crowd as well as our critics. Our group of experienced experts are striving to overcome any issues for quality work that illuminates as well as carries a positive change to the existences, everything being equal.

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