Mar 31

Multiple advertising format options

Multiple Advertising Format Options – Exopic Media offers a very wide gamut of advertising formats to choose from, for your advertising campaign, i.e. Print (Inflight magazines, Airport lounge periodicals and specific printed media), Ambient media (airport lounge area and other strategic areas in and around the airport) & Digital media advertising.

The least confusing and the most widely used inflight media is adverting in an onboard inflight magazine. Placing ads on boarding passes, baggage tags are also very popular. With e-tickets, web check-ins and e-boarding passes, the advertisers reach out to the new age digital-friendly passengers seamlessly now. The inflight magazine is also available as an e-magazine, adding to its already great reach in a digital format. E-newsletters add to the whole scheme of things in their own way, making advertisers much happier.

On-board TV and ambient media within the aircraft also offer great experiential marketing opportunities. On-board sampling, audio-video messaging etc. are also regular mode of communicating with airlines’ passengers these days.
With inflight media, advertisers therefore have the luxury to choose from a wide range of advertising formats, depending upon their budget, advertising purpose and target audience.

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