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Blue Line Advertising Rates

How much does it cost to advertise in Delhi Metro Blue Line? Why should you advertise on the Delhi Metro Blue Line Stations? Know about Blue Line Metro Advertising Agency and Blue Line Advertising Rates (Cost) in Delhi NCR. 

Information About Delhi Metro Advertising

You presently access Delhi Metro Advertising/DMRC Advertising (DMRC – Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) properties through Exopic Media.

Blue Line Advertising Rates

Delhi Metro advertising is an incredible mode for local and international promoters as it permits them to connect with the local area in a profoundly focused and financially savvy way. Brand building requires expansive reach and inclusion: Offering scale with lower section cost and more noteworthy provincial adaptability is a tremendous selling point for Delhi Metro and one that isn’t abused by numerous publicists. Book your advertisement in Delhi Metro today just through Exopic Media.

Delhi Metro advertisement rates are regularly the main consideration while consolidating various roads of advertising into your promoting plan. Delhi Metro advertising is one of the expense proficient promoting spaces you can utilize on the off chance that you consider the number of individuals you can reach regarding the cost paid.

New Delhi, the capital city of India, runs a broad metro framework. The Delhi metro sees over 3.3 million travellers going in 220 trains each day, Delhi Metro Station Advertising has subsequently arisen as a savvy advertising stage for an assortment of brand classes. You can explore Delhi Metro Advertising here. The Delhi Metro is a metro framework serving Delhi and its nearby cities of Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and in the National Capital Region in India. Advertise on the planets twelfth biggest metro framework as far as both length and number of stations. Delhi Metro network comprises five colour-coded regular lines and the quicker Airport Express line, with an absolute length of 225 km serving 160 stations.

Delhi Metro – Blue Line is perhaps the second most busiest route. Delhi Metro – Blue Line carries significant number of passengers from Dwarka to Noida & Ghaziabad. The brands that are hoping to be shown off to the populace living and working around the Delhi Metro – Blue Line should definitely advertise on Delhi Metro – Blue Line.

What Are The Rates for Advertising in the Delhi Metro Blue Line?

The rates for promotion on the Delhi Metro – Blue Line can be found by reaching us through email and the contact number accessible on our site. These rates are refreshed routinely. You can get further discounts on these rates once we know the amount and the date of the advertisement execution. Best discounts for promotion on Delhi Metro – Blue Line can be obtained if the campaign is arranged and we have assurance on the campaign. We will likewise haggle for your benefit with the media proprietors to guarantee that you get the best advertisement rates.

Why One Should Advertise at Delhi Metro Blue Line?

Advertising in Delhi Metro – Blue Line is one of the least expensive and savvy techniques for geo targeting the region close to the Delhi Metro – Blue Line. The metro station can likewise be utilized to contact individuals who stay elsewhere yet go to that space either for work or business.

What Are the Advantages of Advertising on The Delhi Metro Smart Cards?

  • More extensive Audience: DMSC ads can connect with a wide scope of crowds.
  • Non-dispensable Ad: Your Company’s services/items commercial will remain with your forthcoming client for quite a while, in contrast to the paper advertisement.
  • Effect and Effectiveness: More compelling than another sort of advertisement as it will stay with the imminent client constantly.
  • Direct End-User Marketing: DMSC is perhaps the most pursued area for promoting. Promotion on DMSC is an approach to straightforwardly associate with your end client.

How to Advertise at Delhi Metro Blue Line?

To advertise at Delhi Metro – Blue Line contact us right away through the contact information available on our website. To book your campaign offline, simply contact us online over email, Whatsapp or call. A customer service representative will get in touch and help you execute your campaign. You can call us with your needs and wants on the Customer Service number available on our website.

What is The Proof of Execution for an Advertising Campaign at Delhi Metro Blue Line?

When the mission is live, Images and Videos of the branding done are shared through the mission dashboard. Advertisers can likewise visit the metro station for a visual investigation. We lead these investigations consistently.

At the centre of Exopic Media, we are a lot of similar individuals who accept that the sky’s the limit on the off chance that you have the energy for it. We never neglect to focus on what we do, regardless of whether it’s our representatives or our brands, we deal with them all. Exopic Media esteems your time and puts a difficult methodology with sensible offbeat and out-of-the-crate strategies. We accept that each business should be sustained and merits a climate that upholds development. That is the reason we pour additional consideration to build brands as well as guarantee appropriate sustenance projects to make an incentive for our accomplices.

Blue Line Metro Station Advertising Agency Contact Number

For more details about Delhi Metro Rail Advertising or DMRC Advertising related query, please write to us at info@exopicmedia.com or you may also reach us at +91-7678237402 or Follow us on Facebook.

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