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Sony Max Advertising Agency

How much does it cost to advertise on Sony Max Channel? Why should you advertise on the Sony Max TV Channel? Know about Sony Max Advertising Agency and Sony Max Advertising Rates (Cost) in India.

Advertising through Sony MAX is a viable marketing strategy in the Television media type. Advertising on Sony MAX will assist the brand with contacting the right target crowd. TV advertising assists the sponsor with focusing on an exceptionally huge gathering of crowd and furthermore gives the simplicity of focusing on a particular time band dependent on the requirements. Advertising through Sony MAX is popular for a brand that is attempting to contact an enormous number of premium clients inside a specific topography in a brief time frame. Since the Channel conveys various arrangements of programs, it claims to nearly everybody in the family subsequently guaranteeing a total family reach. Sony MAX is the leading Television Channel and is unequivocally suggested for all promoting efforts.

Sony Max Advertising Agency

What Are the Rates for Advertising in Sony Max?

The advertisement rates on Sony Max are for each second of broadcast appointment. So, for example if the cost of advertising on Sony MAX is referenced as Rs 500/sec and your advertisement is 10 sec long, the cost for advertisement once on Sony MAX will come to Rs 500 X 10 = Rs 5,000. Advertising rates for Sony MAX differ with the timeband and are straightforwardly corresponding to the reach. Prime Time in the News classification is from 6 pm to 10 pm whereas 9 pm to 10 pm is viewed as Super Prime Time. The rates for Prime Time and Super Prime Time in Sony MAX are altogether higher than Non-Prime Time. In any case, if you think about the reach during these hours, the expense per reach decreases, making it possible for the TV arranging organization to include it in the plans.

Why Advertise in Sony Max?

The rates for advertisement in Sony MAX is very competitive. Its reputation in the Hindi belt makes advertising in Sony MAX a basic piece of any Television crusade. Sony MAX has well known programs and TV anchors. Plus, the loyalty of watchers is pretty high with the channel. Exopic Media is an approved advertising office that can help you plan and purchase advertisement spots in Sony MAX at the lowest rates.

How Does Advertising Works in Sony Max?

Advertisements in Sony MAX are played both throughout the break just as when the content is being played. There is more artistic liberty while putting promotions throughout the break, because messaging needs to be packed with the content while choosing advertising options during the content. Some of the famous advertising options on Sony MAX are:

a) Video Ads – Video promotions are broadcasted during advertisement breaks. The base span for a video promotion is 10 seconds and increments by 5.

b) L Bands – Aston Bands are meager level strips that show up during a program at the bottom part of the screen. The Aston Band length is 10 seconds per exposure. Pick the quantity of Aston Bands each day and the absolute number of days you’d like to promote. The costs shift as indicated by the time band picked.

c) Brand Integrations – These are custom media choices and are made dependent on your promoting financial plan and the target.

How Does Pricing Works in Sony Max?

  • The rates for advertising on Sony Max are dependent on the creative length you choose, time band you have selected and duration of the campaign​​ you decide.
  • The premium charges are applicable only for targeting specific programmes, the crunched time bands, and spot positioning.

What is the Proof of Execution?

  • ​​Log Report: The tentative log timings are shared on a daily basis so the client is able view their Ads live.
  • Telecast Certificate: At the end of the campaign, the TV channel provides a Broadcast Certificate with the accurate timings of the Ads aired. The Broadcast Certificate always is generated on the last date of every month.

Exopic Media is a Leading India TV News Advertising Agency in India. We at Exopic Media offer best rates for Sony Max advertising. Exopic Media utilizes online and offline promoting stages with a guarantee of excellent achievement that will surpass your expectations.

We offer 360° brand correspondence framework and advertising arrangements with administrations, for instance, Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Designing, Video creation, Photo shoot, Printing, Radio advertising, Outdoor publicizing, Events, Web headway, Digital advancing, Social Media marketing, Email displaying, Search Engine Optimization administrations, Content Marketing and Google adverts (Pay Per Click) to help brands with achieving their optimal results.

Exopic Media’s inventive edge has dependably been orchestrating and making convincing stories consolidated with tremendous purchaser obligation gadgets and high decibel mediums across standard and modernized conditions to make huge associations with our brands.

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