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CNBC TV18 Advertising Agency

How much does it cost to advertise on CNBC TV18? Why should you advertise on the CNBC TV18 channel? Know about CNBC TV18 Advertising Agency and CNBC TV18 Advertising Rates in India.

CNBC TV18 is a joint endeavour between NBC Universal and Television Eighteen India Limited. CNBC TV 18 is a Business News Channel in English. CNBC TV 18 focuses on stock market news and business news that covers a wide scope of B2B business classes like money, IT, real estate, energy, aviation, health, and automobiles. CNBC TV18 was launched in 1999 and is the main business news channel in English.

CNBC TV18 Advertising Agency

What Are CNBC TV18 Advertising Rates?

The rates are usually subjected to per second of airtime. So for example, if the price to advertise in CNBC TV18 is given as Rs 400/sec and your ad is at least 10 seconds long, the rate for playing your advertisement for one time on CNBC TV18 will come to Rs 400 X 10 = Rs 4,000. The Advertising Rates for CNBC TV18 are per the timeband and are directly equivalent to the reach. The Prime Time in the News category starts from 6 pm to 10 pm whereas 9 pm to 10 pm is usually known as Super Prime Time. The prices for Prime Time in CNBC TV18 and Super Prime Time in CNBC TV18 are contrastingly higher than Non-prime Time rates. But, if you consider the reach during these particular hours, then the cost per reach decreases which makes it easy for the TV planning company to add it to the plans.

Why One Should Advertise on CNBC TV18?

The rates to advertise on CNBC TV18 are one of the lowest when compared to all other news channels in India. Its reputation in the Hindi belt makes advertising on CNBC TV18 a significant part of any Television campaign. CNBC TV18 has many famous programmes and television anchors. This is the reason why engagement of viewers is pretty high with the channel. CNBC TV18 is likewise supported through its online portal called CNBC TV18 Live TV. Exopic Media is an authorized advertising company that can assist you in planning and buying advertisement spots on CNBC TV18 at the lowest rates.

How Does Advertising Works in CNBC TV18?

Advertisements in CNBC TV18 are played during the break and also when the content is being played. The reason is that there is more creative freedom when placing advertisements during the break, whereas messaging needs to be grouped with the content when selecting advertising options during the content. Some of the popular advertising options available on CNBC TV18 are:

a) Video Ads – These are broadcasted when the ad breaks are played. The duration for a video ad is 10 seconds minimum and this can also be increased by 5.

b) L Bands – These are also known as L Bands and are thin strips that appear during a program at the end of the screen. The Aston Band duration per exposure is 10 seconds minimum. You can choose the number of Aston Bands per day and the total number of days you prefer to advertise. Prices are per the time band you have chosen.

c) Brand Integrations – These are custom media options and are created on the basis of your current advertising budget and the goal.

How Does Pricing Works in CNBC TV18 Advertising Agency?

The rates usually depend on the creative length, time band you select and the duration of the campaign you decide.

The premium charges are applicable for targeting any specific programmes, crunched time bands, and spot positioning.

What is The Proof of Execution?

​​Log Report: These are tentative log timings and are shared on a daily basis with the client so that they can view their Ads live.

Telecast Certificate: At the end of the campaign, the TV channel offers a Telecast Certificate with the accurate timings of the advertisement aired. The Broadcast Certificate is usually generated on the last date of every month.

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