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Ishq FM Advertising Agency in India

Do you know How to Give an Advertisement in Ishq FM? We are sharing all details with contact details of Ishq FM Advertising Agency in India and Ishq FM Advertising Rates in this post.

Radio Advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach a vast audience. Radio listeners are regular audiences that rarely miss a chance to listen to their favourite shows. Plus, it becomes a part of their daily routine, like while driving to their workplace, while being engaged in household chores, or while relaxing during the mornings and evenings. Therefore, Radio advertising can be very crucial if you want to leave a lasting impact on your audience so that when their needs align with your services, they’ll automatically turn to you.

Ishq FM Advertising Agency in India

You do need to take a few things into consideration while investing in Radio advertising. First and foremost is deciding the channel. You need to have a clear understanding of your target audience and what shows they would preferably watch. Turning towards universal content that interests all ages and genders can be quite beneficial here. One such channel is Ishq FM. Their content is very relatable for all as they talk about the universal constant: LOVE! Content related to love and relationship interests everyone. Ishq FM has a very innovative approach towards uncovering the intricacies of modern-day relationships. The FM has shows that talk about real-life scenarios and examples to look into matters like ever-lasting love, modern romance, and even short flirtatious relationships. These matters interest people from all age groups and social sectors and people tune in to the Radio channel to get advice and talk about their bitter as well as sweet experiences of love and heartbreak. The FM also plays heartfelt love songs that people absolutely love.

We can easily discern that questions about human relationships draw everyone’s attention and people get hooked to Ishq FM for this. No wonder these aspects add to the advantages of Ishq FM advertising. Now coming to marketing, you must be wondering about questions like how to give advertisement in Ishq FM and Ishq FM advertising rates. Well first and foremost, you must contact a reputed Ishq FM advertising agency in India. A good advertising agency will give you insights into radio advertising. You must know about the number of listeners and their social background fetched by the show and see what is compatible with your advertising needs. You also need to understand various key aspects of advertising on the Radio. Some of them are:

Sponsor a Show: You can sponsor an entire show that draws an audience whose needs are compatible with your services. You will get a full focus during the show plays and each time there is an ad break.

Go for Attractive Jingles: Attractive jingles and slogans stay with the audience for longer times even when they are done listening to the shows. This is an excellent way to remain in the mind of the audience and turn them into potential clients in their hours of need.

Interactive Sessions With the RJ: You can also go for interactive sessions with the RJ where a brand representative talks about your services during live shows. This is a very effective advertising technique where you can easily connect with your audience. Make them hear your story and your passion for serving people. Clients always remain loyal to their brand if they resonate with the brand background and what it stands for. Make social relevancy a part of your marketing campaign and let people listen to it on the radio.

Develop an Effective Marketing Campaign: When you are familiar with your advertising goals, you can easily track your success with Radio advertising. Organise strategic marketing campaigns that are effective by aligning them with the timings of your target audience. Make sure your target audience hears about your brand every day to stay in their minds for longer durations.

Advertising Rates: Ishq FM advertising rates depend upon the type of advertisement and its duration. Other factors that affect advertising rates are the time of the day you choose to advertise and your advertisement frequency.Even the city that you are planning to advertise in is a major factor in deciding rates. For instance, if 30 sec ad costs 500 rupees to be played once in Delhi, and it plays 10 times everyday, the total weekly cost would be (500*10*7)=35000. Now the same ad would play at different rates in Mumbai, Bangalore, or Kolkata.

Exopic Media is the best Ishq FM advertising agency in India. The company is quite experienced in Radio advertising and comes up with amazingly effective marketing campaigns that can boost your client reach in manifolds. The company also provides great discounts on Ishq FM advertising rates and assists you very minutely in formulating your campaign according to your need and budget. If you are interested in availing the above-mentioned advantages of Ishq FM advertising at affordable prices, contact Exopic Media today!

For more details and Radio Advertisement related query, please write to us at info@exopicmedia.com or you may also reach us at +91-7678237402 Or Follow us on Facebook.

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