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Dailyhunt Advertising Agency in India

Dailyhunt Advertising Agency in India – Dailyhunt, formerly known as Newshunt, is an Indian news and content assembled app. The online portal provides content in 14 different Indian languages from multiple content sources. The parent company of Dailyhunt is Verse Innovation which is based in Bangalore. The portal presents a variety of news genres including global, business, entertainment, sports, weather, technology, national, etc to its readers. The news portal has a reach across and penetration through different segments, therefore it comes under the list of most preferred platforms for advertising by brands or service providers. The reach of Dailyhunt news portal is mentioned below in different locations of the country:

Dailyhunt Advertising Agency in India



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Why you Should opt for Dailyhunt News App Advertising

The reason behind why one should go for Dailyhunt News App Advertising is very simple and effective. Because the app caters to provide a unique opportunity to target the right audience through a perfect blend of ad type, target and the presentation of the advertisement it has become a favourite spot of the advertisers. This online platform provides the advertisers to reach the audience in the language they speak, furthermore, the platform also enables the advertisers to select the audience segments based on their understanding of the product. One can even select multiple combinations of segments in order to finely target their audience.

The Dailyhunt news portal offers a variety of targeting options that enables the advertising party to reach the right audience. The targeted audience options are mentioned below:

  • Geography Targeting – Dailyhunt offers a variety of geographically targeting options. One can easily target a particular state, city or through a Pincode.
  • Keyword or Contextual Targeting – Ads are displayed in front of the audience as per the type of content or a particular word chosen by the advertiser.
  • Weather Targeting – Dailyhunt has a collaboration with the famous weather app, Accuweather, to provide targeting options based on weather. provides the advertisers to reach the audience with a uniquely customised message based on the weather.
  • Genre Targeting – With this targeting option, advertisers can place their ad in different newspaper sections such as business, entertainment, technology and else.
  • Language Targeting – The vast audience that this platform holds come from different corners of the country. Advertisers get access to place their advertisements in 14 different languages.
  • Gender Targeting – Advertisers can easily target male and female audiences.
  • Age Targeting – This targeting option enables the advertisers to easily track and target a specific age group.

Advertising Options Available in Dailyhunt

The different Dailyhunt Advertisement Options includes:

  • Standard Banner – These are on-site banner ads that appear in different sections of the Dailyhunt app. Most of the time these banners are often accompanied by a Call-to-Action button that leads the audience to your site.
  • Oreo Banner – These banner ads are full-screen wherein one portion is a static image and the other are video supported through Youtube links. Oreo banners work great for increasing engagement.
  • Interstitial Banner – Interstitial Banners also cover the entire screen and are placed in between the news stories. These ads are made highly attractive and have a huge impact on the audience.
  • Masthead Banner – These ads are like strips of advertisements that are placed under the header image of each news story.

Advantages of Placing ad on Dailyhunt News Portal

  • Newspaper Website Audiences are GrowingAccording to a study conducted in 2010, online newspapers keep growing their audiences. In fact, in an average month during the first quarter of 2010, more than 74 million people visited a newspaper website, which is more than 47% of the active Internet population as a whole.
  • A Higher Quality Audience – Researches have shown that branded content brings a higher quality audience. A study done, resulted that their audiences were far more likely to make purchases in a variety of news genres, which includes home, financial, travel, automotive, business and entertainment.
  • Reach Any Demographic – Newspaper websites allow advertisers to interact personally and offer relevant content messaging because many are locally targeted. With this benefit, newspapers also publish various niche targeting options for women, teens, movie buffs, or virtually any demographic audience, a brand could hope to reach. And, because of the features such as online registration programs and audience segmentation software, online news portals know more than ever about their online audience.
  • Content – Online users spend a good amount of time-consuming content that deals with different niches such as international, sports, finance & business and entertainment. These categories are a must stay on local and national newspaper portals, which obviously means that week after week, these sites draw a large crowd.
  • Connect with a Mobile Crowd – Newspaper website readers are more likely to own mobile devices and they are also more likely to be interested in receiving offers, discounts and newsletters update through these devices.

Dailyhunt Advertising Cost

Dailyhunt Advertising Rates in Delhi NCR depend on the number of impressions your advertisement receives. So for example, if the expense to publicize in Dailyhunt Standard Banner is referenced as Rs 2/impression and your advertisement impression counts to 12,000, the expense for your advertisement will sum up to Rs 2 X 12,000 = Rs 24,000.

Likewise, the rates differ for various advertising options. Dailyhunt advertising rate increases simultaneously to the more number of impressions your ad hits.

Placing an Advertisement in Dailyhunt 

If you are looking for a Dailyhunt Advertising Agency in India you have landed at the right place. Why should you even consider booking advertisements in Dailyhunt with Exopic Media? To start with, set up in the year 2013, Exopic Media is a Marketing and Advertising agency in New Delhi, India, that provides excellent web designing solutions. We are sure that with our energy, skill in conceptualizing ideas and proposing an altered digital marketing system that will explicitly meet consumer prerequisites, we will grow up to be among the top worldwide 360-degree marketing agencies.

Proof of Execution of Advertisement 

  • When your ad is on-air, you will get a link to the dashboard from where you can keep a track of your advertisement on a daily basis.
  • After the completion of your ad campaign, a final report will be shared with all the details, i.e, the number of impressions per day and the total cost.
  • On request, a screenshot of your ad placements can be shared but it takes time.

Dailyhunt App Advertising Agency Contact Number Delhi NCR

So if you want your brand to stand out of the crowd, you are welcome to place your ad campaign at the Dailyhunt app with Exopic Media. Dailyhunt News Advertisement Agency Contact Number in India is +91-7678237402 and we will answer all your queries related to the advertising business. For latest updates follow us on Facebook.

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