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Newspaper Advertising Agency in Pune

Newspaper Advertising Agency in Pune-On a serious note, it really does not matter if you are a start-up based company or a brand already well-established in the market, the unavoidable situation of reaching your potential audience is a familiar pain. With the constant advancements in the world of business marketing and advertising, it often becomes challenging to keep pace with all the mediums, options and avenues to choose from. But despite all the hotfoot, there’s one channel that continues to be a trustworthy investment and that is newspaper advertising.

Advertising in different newspaper has been one of the oldest forms of advertising we witness today. It is still the first and the best option considered for advertising by brands. Advertising in a newspaper is not only just about advertising a single item; each one can work wonders to bring in customers and make them your regular ones. Newspaper advertising is an effective and outstanding way to reach a large number of audience, especially if your target audience is aged above 40. Another great aspect of newspaper advertising is that you advertisers can target ads to the most appropriate section in the newspaper that closely relates to their target audience, be it lifestyle, business or sports.

Newspaper Advertising Agency in Pune

Benefits of Placing your Ad in the Newspaper

  1. Better Reach: We are well-acquinted of the short attention span that most of us possess. You must have noticed how easily you get distracted while using the internet. But positively, this is not the scene with print media like newspapers and magazines. Newspaper readers go with this medium because they either do so in their free time or because they are really interested in reading and value the news/content.
  2. Flexibility: Newspaper advertising comes with innumerable ad options that you can choose from – classified, display, inserts, etc. Newspaper insert ads can be further divided into following categories, catalogues, cards, single sheets, coupons, discounts and more. Each of the advertising options can be customised in large or small formats with specific details and offers.
  3. Affordable: The cost of advertising in newspapers varies and can get expensive if not done with the right agency. When done in the right way, with the help of a well-established advertising agency, newspaper advertising costs less per thousand readers. 

3 Secrets for Effective Newspaper Advertising

Mentioned below are some important newspaper advertising tips and tricks you will need to know if you are going to pursue with newspaper as an advertising medium.

Rule #1 – Choose your Newspapers carefully

Every newspaper is not the same. Every business owner can go for Social Media marketing, but not every business can or rather should advertise in Times of India, Hindustan Times or Dainik Jagran.

Not only will advertising in local or community newspapers be cheaper, but it will also be a more direct and targeted approach towards the audience. Think about the type of audience you want to reach to get the best course of action from them.

Rule #2 – Do your Research part

Research your newspaper options, and also don’t forget to know your competitors’ tactics. At some points it may seem strategic to keep going with your competitors’ growth tactics, butbat times it becomes counterintuitive if you are both competing for the same customers’ attention, which will just be a waste of effort from both sides thus the result will be a confused audience.

Once in a while, it’s best to go where your competition isn’t, so keep a track of where they are advertising, what their ads creative look like, their visual elements, what message they are distributing, and devise your strategy keeping these things in knowledge.

Rule#3 – Don’t Skimp on Design

Even though the audience may be naturally more engaged by the look of the ad, you still need to get hold of their attention for a longer time. In order to let this happen, you need to think creatively and focus on attractive headlines, beautiful imagery, and catchy slogans that will leave a long-lasting impression on your readers. You need to ensure that your message is short and informative enough to empower the audience to take your desired action.

Just a reminder, Newspaper ads fail drastically when businesses run ads with mediocre copy and inferior visual design.

Newspaper Advertising Rates in Pune

Like any other form of advertising, Newspaper Advertisement cost in Pune is based on various factors. Some of the few crucial aspects that roleplay in influencing advertising rates in the newspaper include:

  • Size of the Advertisement: In newspapers, ads are priced by per column inch. In newspaper advertising, it clearly means the larger the size of the ad, the more money it will cost to the advertiser.
  • Placement of the Ad: Placing your ad on the first page of the newspaper will cost more than placing the ad on the other pages of the newspaper. The choice of the page number and the area selected for the ad placements play a key role in deciding the rate of the advertisement.
  • Frequency of the Advertisement: Newspapers that are distributed on a daily basis will charge more than monthly or weekly, but again the more ads you run, the less it will cost over time and per thousand.
  • Type of Advertisement: The different advertising options have different advertising rates. For instance, a classified ad will cost less than other advertising options.
  • Circulation of the Newspaper: Placing an ad in a national newspaper will cost far more than an ad in the local or regional newspaper, summing up, you will probably be paying for the reach that your ad will receive.

As mentioned, the rate depends on the size and page number of the ad, let us say the per square cm rate for a particular newspaper is Rs 5000 and you have to place an ad of 20 square cm. The cost of this ad size becomes Rs 5000 X 20 = Rs 10,0000. The minimum ad size that is accepted in the newspaper is 20 square cm. Also, placing your ad on the first page costs more compared to the other pages in the newspaper.

Newspaper Advertising Agency Contact Number Pune

Now that you are pretty well aware of the know-how of newspaper advertising, let us tell you where you can find the best Newspaper Advertising Rates in Pune. With more than 7 years of experience with advertising, advanced showcasing and inventive solutions, Exopic Media is one of the leading Newspaper Advertising Agency in Pune. You can reach us to know about anything related to Newspaper Advertisement cost in Pune. Newspaper Advertisement Agency Contact Number Pune is +91-7678237402 and we will answer all your queries related to the advertising business in any industry be it, Radio, Television, Print, Ambient media & Digital media advertising. For latest updates follow us on Facebook.

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