Bulk Email Marketing Services in India

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques of engaging with customers by sending emails newsletters and announcements to them. An effective email marketing campaign converts prospects into customers and convert first-time buyers into loyal fans. Email marketing is the best way to communicate with your supporters and we can mix both visuals and text and link back to more content/info on your website.

Email Marketing Services Advantages

Branding and Marketing of business products or services are relatively fast, flexible and cost-effective through email for reaching new customers and retaining existing customers. It allows creating targeted and personalized messages for each recipient which results in meaningful relationships as compared to other marketing techniques such as SEO Service, Content Marketing, PPC Advertising.

Here are some advantages of email marketing services

  1. Improves Reachability towards the Global Audience and Market.
  2. Emails are a great way to communicate with connections.
  3. Emails can be easily measured & analyzed.
  4. Email marketing drives revenue generation.
  5. Emails can deliver targeted messages.
  6. Higher engagement levels in email.
  7. Lower cost compared to mainstream marketing channels.
  8. Easy setup of email campaigns.
  9. Emails have a higher instant impact rate.
  10. Robustness of Email Marketing Service.

Email Marketing Service Stepwise Process

Our approach towards email marketing campaign is strategic and result-oriented that surely yields real traffic and leads for your business. ‘

Here are some important steps in the email marketing service process:

  1. Choose the right email marketing service provider.
  2. Create your email marketing list.
  3. Add email list to account.
  4. Set up a welcome mail for new recipients.
  5. Create a reusable email template.
  6. Write persuasive messages for emails.
  7. Write subject lines that drive the recipient to open the emailer.
  8. Send a test before shooting the mail.
  9. Send mail at right time for maximum open rate.
  10. Track your results in analytics.

We provide the best email marketing service making use of top-notch platforms like  MailChimp and SendGrid to launch your email campaign that yields results. We ensure successful email delivery to your clients. Exopic Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top email marketing companies in India which has helped clients from various industries to get leads and exposure by leveraging best email marketing services for business.

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