Pay Per Click and Search Engine Marketing:

Pay Per Click Advertising is a form of paid digital advertising where advertisers pay for each click by users to access online ads. It is an alternative approach of increasing traffic, engagement and further sales through paid advertising in place of the organic SEO Service. It’s often presumed to be synonymous to Search Engine Marketing but PPC advertising is not only available for search engines but also used on prominent social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

There are various pay per click tools for advertising on different platforms such as  Google Adwords, Bing AdCenter, Facebook Ad Manager, Linkedin Campaign Manager, Taboola, Criteo.

Pay Per Click Advertising Process

We are a leading PPC management company in India with years of experience in delivering result-oriented PPC campaign management services to clients from diverse industries. For successful PPC management, our experts devise an advertising strategy after deep research and historical data analysis.

  1. Research and analysis of businesses along with target markets.

  2. Analysis of target customers and competitors.

  3. Estimation of budget and campaign duration based on your goals.

  4. Analysis of keyword, creative design, and PPC campaign setup.

  5. Managing bidding, Quality Score, CTR, and CPC of the campaign.

  6. Analysis of website, landing page and call to action of PPC campaign.

  7. A/B testing if required (On higher budgets only) and Google Analytics configuration.

  8. Setting up remarketing campaigns and their analysis.

  9. Checking of low-performing ads, keywords, and campaigns.

  10.   Report preparation and performance analysis.

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

PPC advertising has gained influence due to instant leads, exposure to a wide audience and higher conversion ratio as compared to other platforms. Ads are subject to an automated process that is used to determine the relevance and validity of digital PPC ads. 

For example in Search Engine Marketing; advertisers bid on the keywords or relevant terms that will display their ads in high rankings on SERPs. A Keyword Analysis tool is used to analyze the right keywords that are relevant to business and are in the budget. When a person searches for the chosen term, the ad appears in search engine result pages based upon the complex algorithm calculations.

Thus advertisers require an expert PPC management company that knows how to choose the right business keywords, optimize digital ads, optimize the bids and enhance the performance of online PPC campaigns.

Pay Per Click PPC Campaign Management Services & Platforms: Major PPC advertising platforms are Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter, Adroll, Taboola.

Google Adwords Management Services

Exopic Media is an expert PPC Management Company committed to optimizing your Adwords campaign to generate more results and leads with a minimum ad expenditure. PPC campaign management service is not an easy task and consumes a lot of time from the marketer’s schedule.

We deliver Adwords management services to optimize all three domains of PPC advertising.

  1. Optimizing Digital Ad Target: In this step, we optimize your digital ad by including the right business keywords at the right places, accurate bid adjustments, device targeting, location targeting, time targeting, and demographic targeting.
  2. Optimizing Ad Copy and Description: Ad copy and description must be good enough to entice the viewer to click the ad and view the landing page. It must be constructed as per the search engine guidelines to appear in the top of paid results.
  3. Optimizing PPC Landing Page: The webpage where the viewer lands after clicking the digital ad must be specific and targeted to drive more conversion. It must talk about the service, product you deal with. If not optimized properly, it can hurt the conversion ratio of the digital ad.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is gaining momentum among advertisers all around the world. More advertisers and businesses have led to increased competition in digital advertising space developing a need for expert PPC Consultant. Exopic Media Pvt Ltd is one of the top PPC Campaign Management Services in India to help you out of the zigzags of PPC advertising for business.

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