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Hotstar Advertising Agency in Delhi NCR

Hotstar Advertising Agency in Delhi NCR – Disney+ Hotstar is an online video streaming platform and is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited. The streaming channel currently offers over 100,000 hours of content and movies across 9 different languages, and every major sport event is covered live. Hotstar attracts audiences because of its highly-evolved and advanced streaming technology and high efficacy of quality experience across different devices and platforms. These features make Hotstar a gamut of video destinations for Over The Top (OTT) video consumers. Because of its popularity among the mass, the platform is much in demand by advertisers. The reach of Hotstar video streaming service in different cities are mentioned below:

Hotstar Advertising Agency in Delhi NCR

City Monthly Active Users in Million
Mumbai 7.6
Delhi 5.2
Bangalore 4.2
Chennai 6.3
Hyderabad 4.2
Kolkata 3.6
Pune 4.5
Ahmedabad 3.9

Why you should go for Hotstar App Advertising 

The reason why advertisers should choose Hotstar App Advertising is simply that the app provides a unique opportunity to target the right audience-graphic through a perfect blend of the ad type, target and the presentation of the advertisement. The online platform enables the advertisers to target the audience in the language they speak, furthermore, the platform also enables the advertisers to select the audience segments based on their understanding of the product. One can even go selecting multiple combinations of audience-targeting segments to more finely reach their potential customers.

Hotstar App Advertising offers extensive audience-targeting options that assist the advertisers in reaching the right audience set. The targeted audience options are mentioned below:

  • Gender and Age Targeting – Advertisers can easily target audiences based on their gender. It also enables the advertisers to target the audience based on their age group. For example, a cosmetic brand like Olay would only find it relevant to target females who are probably age above 30.
  • Geo-Targeting – The video-streaming app offers a variety of geographical targeting options. You can easily target a particular state, city or postal area code.
  • Interest Targeting – Interest targeting is a tailored-targeting option that is based on the type of content the user interacts with the most. Interest targeting includes various audience genres such as business, food, hobbies, fashion, fitness, shopping, travel, trends, etc.
  • Language Targeting – It helps the advertiser to reach the audience based on the language in which they are using the app.
  • Genre Targeting – With this targeting option, advertisers get the option of placing ads in different genre sections such as comedy, crime, action, drama, thrill and others.
  • Device Targeting – Device targeting offers a range of options ranging from the brand of the phone/device, cost of the device to the type of device.

Hotstar Advertisement Options 

The different Hotstar Advertisement Options includes:

  • Banner Ads – Hotstar video streaming platform offers two types of banner ads, Instream banners and Standard banners.

Standard banners generally appear in the browsing section of the Hotstar app, while Instream banners usually pop up when the user is watching a show on the app. Both of these banners appear for a duration of 6-10 seconds and are priced on CPM (Cost per thousand) impression. Banner ads can also be summed up on a cost-per-click basis.

  • Video Ads – There are two types of video ads offered by Hotstar, Pre Roll videos and Midroll videos. Pre-roll video ads are played before the content starts playing, usually, they are for 6 seconds. Mid-roll video ads are played during the content being watched and are for 10-16 seconds. The price of video ads are calculated on CPV (Cost per completed view basis).
  • Masthead Banner Ads – These are the very first advertisements that users get to see when he/she opens the app. These ads costs on a per-day basis.
  • App Install/lead Generation Campaign – Brands can run their ads campaigns on Hotstar. These ads are priced on the basis of actions taken by the user, i.e., per lead generation or per installed app by the users.

Advantages of Placing ad on Hotstar

  • Improved Audience Targeting – Hotstar gives the option of advertising to the custom users according to your target users where you can reach as per the geology, language, gadget value point, international voyagers, disposition and classification. This improved focusing helps you with showing your advertisement to your designated crowd only.
  • Contact a Bigger Crowd – As more individuals are changing from traditional mediums to online stages for watching shows, web series and sports content, the quantity of watchers is expanding day by day. With Hotstar having 300 million+ subscriptions which make your promotion reach higher.
  • Boon for Regional Brands – As Hotstar helps reach target crowds according to geography and dialects it is a benefit for regional and local brands as wastage becomes the least when compared with TV commercials or some other traditional modes of marketing.
  • Better ROI – As you target your promotion to the designated crowd only, there will be less wastage of your ad-budget spending which in turn expands the pace of interest of your ad.
  • Watch Anyplace – Hotstar streaming service is easily made available on various gadgets like television, cell phones and PCs. The crowd has the advantage to observe any place on the go.
  • Great Content Catalog – One key advantage of Hotstar is that it gives the most recent and common content from TV and films across the world. This video-streaming portal has content from very nearly eight dialects and ranges across 15 TV channels.
  • Access – Hotstar app can be easily found on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for different gadgets.

Hotstar Advertising Cost 

Hotstar Advertising Rates in India depend on the number of impressions the advertisement receives. So for example, if the expense to publicize in Hotstar Standard Banner is referenced as Rs 2/impression and your advertisement impression counts to 15,000, the expense for your advertisement will sum up to Rs 2 X 15,000 = Rs 30,000.

Likewise, the rates are different for various other advertising options. The Hotstar advertising cost will increase simultaneously to the more impressions the ad hits.

Placing an Advertisement in Hotstar 

If you are looking for a Hotstar Advertising Agency in Delhi NCR you have landed at the right place. Why should you even consider booking advertisements in Hotstar with Exopic Media? To start with, set up in the year 2013, Exopic Media is a Marketing and Advertising agency in Delhi NCR that provides excellent web designing solutions. We are sure that with our energy, skill in conceptualizing ideas and proposing an altered digital marketing system that will explicitly meet consumer prerequisites, we will grow up to be among the top worldwide 360-degree marketing agencies.

Proof of Execution of Advertisement 

  • When your ad is on-air, you will get a link to the dashboard from where you can keep a track of your advertisement on a daily basis.
  • After the completion of your ad campaign, a final report will be shared with all the details, i.e, number of impressions per day and the total cost.
  • On request, a screenshot of your ad placements can be shared but it takes time.

So if you want your brand to stand out of the crowd, you are welcome to place your ad campaign at the Hotstar app with Exopic Media.

Hotstar Advertising Agency Contact Number Delhi NCR

Hotstar Advertising Agency Contact Number in Delhi NCR is +91-7678237402, you can call on this number and our team will answer all your queries and also know about Hotstar Advertisement Rate Card India. Exopic Media is leading Over the Top Advertising Agency in Delhi that has the most effective and lowest advertisement cost. For more latest updates follow us on Facebook.

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