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Television Advertising Agency in Ludhiana

Television Advertising Agency in Ludhiana – Undoubtedly, TV advertising offers a huge advantage to the business. It can drive profits, sales, build people trust provide a large scale and reach the target audience section in an ineffective way. TV advertising creates the word of mouth. So many times you must have heard from people saying, ‘Did you see that TV advertisement of….’ or of another brand/service. This phrase gets more common particularly during festive times when big brands roll out their 30 seconds epics and festive TV ad campaigns. There are numerous advantages that TV advertising holds, let’s talk in detail about some of those later in the article.

Television Advertising Agency in Ludhiana

The Pro and Cons of TV ads

Like any other marketing technique, TV advertising too holds its own share of merits and demerits. Choosing TV advertising ultimately means basing your decision on your own resources and advertising goals but considering the below mentioned pros and cons play a crucial role too.

Pros of TV Ads

  • Tv advertising provides a multiple sense of ad experience, i.e, viewers get an opportunity to hear, see and read the advertisement. Viewers are swayed away by the advertisement and their sense organs act as a medium for them to evoke their sentiments and feelings towards the ad. TV has the highest engagement rates. On an approximated value, TV advertising calculates upto more than 35% of all site visitors. Furthermore, research have proved that 60% of sales take place because of the influence caused by TV ads when compared to a 40% of online and social media advertising. TV advertising holds an aura of outstanding prestige and quality that online marketing platforms haven’t quite replaced yet.
  • Tv ads offer a wide coverage range. Tv as an advertising channel reaches a large audience. One of the important advantages that digital marketing has is targeting the audience in precision. Digital advertising platforms, for instance, Google, Facebook, Youtube and so on collect cookies and data of how the audience is engaging on their platform. The information collected is basically of users demographic and location, which enables the advertisers to make sure that they’re reaching the right people and at right time. However, this win-win situation is not only confined to online marketing. Targeted marketing has been long associated with TV advertising in a way such as advertising at a certain duration of the day and on certain channels to make sure that your message is being delivered to the right audience set and at the right time.
  • TV ads permit a brand to build a brand identity and expand its brand awareness. TV ads enable you to be creative and attach a personality to your company or product for your advertisement endeavour. One of the important element of a successful TV ad campaign is the trust that it builds among the audience and desired customer. A TV ad that is made up with a lot of cost, effort, time and planning is built up in order to suit a wide audience. No wonder TV advertising is quite expensive compared to other media options, but it always pays off because viewers tend to take action to your message. People get to relate more with TV advertising than any other medium. When we talk about legitimacy and establishing the trust of the audience in your brand, TV advertising does it better than any other advertising platform. Adding to it, TV advertising does this to such a wide audience range that brand recognition is totally guaranteed to hike up from a single TV ad campaign. Many of the known brands today once had a very modest beginning, but now they are recognised ones in the market all over and TV advertising has played a great role in achieving this milestone.

Cons of TV Ads

  • Tv ads are way too expensive, in fact, it costs more than any other marketing platform. Tv advertising depends on networks charge for airtime. Apart from this, the cost of hiring scriptwriters, actors, producers, making sets and props and editors can add up, too.
  • TV ads are too difficult to make changes once produced. Unlike display ads, social media posts, or even print ads, you can’t just hop in between and make changes. If you are willing to do so, you will need to re-setup the whole thing with props, bring back the actors, stage etc. So, even for making a small amount of change, you will again have to pay for the costs.
  • TV ads can be avoided or skipped. Even though the audience is attentive and fully focused while watching TV, they might choose to skip over the channel or ignore the commercials played, they also might switch over to another channel. Also, with the latest streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube, TV ads can be entirely eliminated if a viewer chooses to do so.
  • TV ads can’t be targeted like any other marketing channel. However, one gets a chance to choose to run an ad campaign on different broadcasting channels and at different times during the day and night that reach your audience.

TV Advertising Rates in Ludhiana

TV Advertisement Cost in Ludhiana completely depends on the creative length, selected time band, location and duration of the campaign. The rates are charged per second of airtime, for instance, if the price of TV advertising is mentioned as Rs 600/sec and your ad is 25 sec long, the price for taking part in your ad once will come to Rs 600 X 25 = Rs 15,000. Also, the rates for prime time are contrastingly high than the non-prime time.

Convinced on the Importance of TV advertising? 

Television advertising is the favourite advertising medium among all advertisers because of its creativity and the interactive nature it possesses. Honestly speaking it’s the dream of every brand of placing their ad on Television. Television advertising enumerates better credibility to a brand. Because of the video format of ads, advertisers get an opportunity to engage with the shoppers in an exceedingly entertaining way and get hold of the feelings and sentiments of the people. For an advertiser wishful to reach resolute Pan India, no other advertising medium will work magic other than going for television commercials.

TV Advertising Agency Contact Number Ludhiana

TV Advertising Agency Contact Number Ludhiana is +91-7678237402, you can call on this number and our team will answer all your queries and also know about the TV Advertisement Rate Card Ludhiana. Exopic Media is a Television Advertising Agency in Ludhiana that has the most effective and lowest advertisement cost. With our tie-up with over 1000 TV channels across India, we assure you of providing the best-discounted advertising rate when placing an advertisement on Television through Exopic Media. You can contact us for the most effective discounts for TV ads and to execute your Television ad blitz smoothly. For more latest updates follow us on Facebook.

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