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Newspaper Advertising Agency in Lucknow

Newspaper Advertising Agency in Lucknow – In this blog, we’ll explore several important factors that play a crucial role in driving local newspaper readers to buy, visit shops and look for additional information about products or services that are being advertised in the newspaper. The behaviour of purchasing a product by seeing an advertisement is a complex interplay between cultural, social, personal and psychological dimensions. This vicious cycle of buying an advertised product has a relevant significance that one should take care of.

Newspaper Advertising Agency in Lucknow

In every sector, the effectiveness of the ad, the attention paid and the response of the people exposed to the ad is affected by four groups of factors:

  • The characteristic of the advertisement
  • The characteristic of the viewer
  • The situation (environment)
  • The trait of the medium

Besides the role-play of the characteristic of the ad and the person viewing it, the situation around during the exposure of the ad also influences the receiver’s response to it. If a person does not pay enough attention to an advertisement for whatever reason, he is not rightly exposed to it. For example, if you are going through a newspaper while travelling, you may get distracted because of the crowd around you, thus you’ll not be able to focus on the news or an advertisement. Thus hindering him/her from fully perceiving the message passed by the advertisers.

Also, the specific features and nature of the source medium play an important part in influencing the response to the message and the attention it receives. Distinctiveness is not only present in different media platforms but also while presenting an ad in a medium. The several characteristics of presenting an ad in a medium are a perfect combination of its effect, language, overall appeal and the narrative of an ad in print or on broadcasted outlets are clearly different. Presentation of ads in the same kind of media can also have different responses from the receivers. For instance, advertisements on different page numbers or placement in a single newspaper might produce different contrasting responses from each of the exposed audiences.

The perfect balance between the advertising medium and the surrounding may alter the effectiveness of the advertising. It is often perceived that an ad with a similar style to that of the media context is received easier by the audience because both share a common interest.

Newspapers have been a great advertising medium for centuries. And an undeniable fact is that only newspapers and magazines were the major media available for advertising for a long time in history. Today internet is the first source of news for consumers, it has attracted many advertisers within a short span of time. Internet sites like Google that was founded 14 years ago now earns more money from advertising than the entire newspaper industry, which has been in existence for more than a hundred years. Though combining the offering of Google and other aggregators cannot replace the quality and informative credibility of the newspapers.

The question of reaching your potential audience remains the same for a newly set up business and an already established business. The advertising and marketing field is dynamic and it is very hard to keep pace with the latest advancements and innovations. Despite all the unprecedented predictions, one medium is such that it has continued to foster success to business over the years and build trust that no other medium can offer Newspaper Advertising.

Newspaper Advertising Rates in Lucknow

Like any other form of advertising, Newspaper Advertisement cost in Lucknow is based on various factors. Some of the few important factors that roleplay in influencing the advertising rates in the newspaper include:

  • Size of the Advertisement: Newspaper ads are priced by per column inch. This means the larger the size of the ad, the more money it will cost to the advertiser.
  • Placement of the Ad: An ad placement on the front pages of the newspaper will cost more than the ad on the middle pages of the newspaper. The choice of the page and the area selected for the ad placements play a key role in deciding the rate of the advertisement.
  • Frequency of the Advertisement: Daily newspapers will charge more than monthly or weekly ones, but the more ads you run the less it will cost over time. When talking about newspaper advertising it is often said that the more you buy, the more discounts you get.
  • Type of Advertisement: The different types of advertisements have different types of advertising rates. For instance, a classified display ad will cost less than a display ad.
  • Circulation of the Newspaper: Placing an ad in a national newspaper will cost far more than an ad in the local or regional newspaper, summing up, you are probably paying for the reach that your ad will receive.

As mentioned, the rate depends on the size and page number of the ad, let us say the per square cm rate for a particular newspaper is Rs 7000 and you have to place an ad of 30 square cm. The cost of this ad size becomes Rs 7000 X 30 = Rs 210,000. The minimum ad size accepted in the newspaper is 20 square cm. Also, placing your ad on the front page and 3rd page will cost more compared to the other pages in the newspaper.

Now that you are aware of how much it cost for an advertisement in the newspaper, let us disclose to you where you can find the best Newspaper Advertising Rates in Lucknow. With More than 7 years of involvement with advertising, advanced showcasing and inventive solutions, Exopic Media is the best Newspaper Advertising Agency in Lucknow. You can reach us to know about Newspaper Advertisement cost in Lucknow.

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