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Ola App Advertising Agency in Delhi

Why Should you Choose Ola App Advertising?

Ola App Advertising Agency in Delhi – Delhi, India’s capital region, is a huge metropolitan region in the nation’s north. With the establishment of Ola Cabs across the capital, there has been a recent trend making a name for itself in advertising and has been acquiring prominence as of late, known as-Ola Branding.

With Ola’s mass reach across the city of Delhi, your image can be promoted anyplace and wherever inside the capital city. These ads can be seen by all whether they are the explorers riding the taxis or the passers-by. With their huge viewership they can get critical outcomes.

Ola App Advertising Agency in Delhi

One significant benefit of Ola Branding in Delhi is that it helps your image reach all over and all sorts of crowds. These advertisements can arrive at a wide range of mainstream shopping centers, hotels, swarmed markets and surprisingly the restricted paths of urban areas. Ola Cabs offer an assortment of alternatives for brands to advertise, the brand can promote both inside and outside of the taxis. There is an alternative to advertise on the taxi entryways, taxi rooftop or seat backs or the whole taxi.

Ola is a ride hailing service that encounters a crowd of people that is mostly from the Millenial and Gen Z crowds. This kind of traffic is quickest to adjust to new products and has exhibited buying power. Further, Ola gives a remarkable focus on choice which empowers the promoter to contact the right crowd with boundless inventiveness. This is the Hyperlocal focusing on alternatives. Here, Advertisers can target specific pincodes, specific milestones or even make a range around a milestone. Advertisers can likewise decide to target clients going to a specific area or based on the area of pick-up.

Ultimately, Ola puts the advertisements in a brand safe climate and guarantees a high Share of Voice for the brand by restricting the quantity of advertisement spaces accessible on their foundation.

Why Hire Exopic Media for Ola App Advertising in Delhi NCR?

Exopic Media is an emerging and quickest developing advertising office settled in Delhi and began its excursion 7 years ago. Exopic Media is the one stop answer for offering the best types of assistance and achieving advertising strategies to have surprising branding efforts all around the country. We have numerous long periods of involvement with media purchasing, planning and execution and can offer excellent types of assistance with similarly lower rates. Exopic Media has served a great many customers and aided them in promoting their brands and reaching the intended interest group effectively.

Where to Get Started for Ola App Campaign Marketing?

  • Share your Needs and Wants – Contact our efficiently effective planners and executors and share your demands for a campaign.
  • Plan the campaign with us – We will help you in terms of the number of cabs, the correct branding type in terms of inside branding or outside branding to have an awesome campaign on board.
  • Receive the Best Quotes – We provide the lowest rates ensured with best services for Cab branding across the country.
  • Provide Creative – Furnish us with an alluring creative to feature your brand on taxis after we share the creative measurements. The satisfactory format of creative in cab branding is the CDR document. When you share the creative it will be changed over into jpeg design totally liberated from cost. We will share the changes over creative with you for endorsement. In the wake of accepting your endorsement the creative will be sent for printing and establishment.
  • Go Live – Watch your brand moving on wheels within a basic minimum timeframe and achieve a pompous response.
  • Receive Proof of Execution – Get the photographs of all cabs after the installation process is completed successfully, and receive the final report after completion of the campaign. The report will have details of the areas covered, the total number of trips done by the cabs, etc. on the basis of which you can analyse the visibility of your brand.

What are the Targeting Options Available on Ola?

Ola provides a range of targeting choices which help in reaching the right target crowd for the advertisers. These advertising choices include the following –

  1. Location Targeting- Ola offers location based targeting where the advertiser can target at a particular state, city or a pincode.
  1. Cab Type Targeting – Ola also allows its clients to target advertisements based on the type of vehicle for the ride, for example Prime, Prime Play, Auto, Micro, Mini and Exclusive.
  1. Cohort Targeting – Custom buckets of audience have been made by Ola which include Frequent Travellers, Frequent Flyers, Working Professionals, etc.
  1. Income Based Targeting – Ola offers targeting based on the income range of the users.
  1. Digital Devices Targeting – Targeting choices include iOS/Android users, User Handsets and the Tablets installed Ola Prime Play Cabs.
  1. Gender Targeting – Male and Female audiences will be targeted with advertisements.

We love learning. In the imaginative field, the lone thing that stays constant is change. At Exopic Media, staying informed concerning the most recent patterns, techniques, studies isn’t simply an aspect of the work yet a daily schedule, to guarantee best practices are utilized in accomplishing the objectives for our customers. We accept that each business should be sustained and merits a climate that upholds development. That is the reason we pour additional consideration to construct brands as well as guarantee legitimate sustainable projects to create a value for our accomplices.

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