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Red Line Advertising Rates

How much does it cost to advertise in Delhi Metro Red Line? Why should you advertise on the Delhi Metro Red Line Stations? Know about Red Line Metro Advertising Agency and Red Line Advertising Rates (Cost) in Delhi NCR.

Delhi Metro – line is one among the foremost famous metro stations in Delhi. Delhi Metro line connects significant areas of Delhi to the metro network. The brands that are looking to contact or connect with the population that lives and works around Delhi Metro – line should definitely opt for advertising on Delhi Metro – line.

Red Line Advertising Rates

Delhi Metro advertising could be a supreme medium, especially for the local advertisers because it gives them the golden opportunity to directly reach out to the local people in an incredibly specific and efficient way. For excellent Brand building, a greater broad reach and involvement is required. Delhi Metro offers scale with lower entry prices and greater regional flexibility which makes it an enormous point for Delhi Metro. And a specific one that isn’t really misused by advertisers. Book Delhi Metro ads online at Exopic Media today!

The Delhi Metro advertisement prices are usually a crucial factor when intermixing different locations or places of advertising into your decided marketing plan. Delhi Metro advertising is an incredibly cost-efficient advertising space you’ll be able to utilize to its best if you think about the number of individuals you’ll be able to reach when it involves the worth you pay.

The Delhi metro looks after over 3.3 million people, travelling through 220 trains day after day, Delhi Metro Station Advertising has during this has risen up as an incredibly famous promoting stage for a range of brand name classifications. The Delhi Metro is a metro framework serving Delhi and therefore the smaller cities surrounding it: Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad within the Capital Region in India. Advertise on the planet’s twelfth biggest metro system as far as both length and number of stations go. Delhi Metro network has five colour-coded lines and also has the quickest Airport Express line, with a length of 225 km serving 160 stations.

What are the Rates for Advertising in Delhi Metro – Red Line?

The prices for advertising on the Delhi Metro – line is accessed easily by directly contacting us through the information provided on the website. These rates are refreshed regularly. you’ll also get discounts on the actual rates once we’re sure of the number and also the date of the campaign inauguration. the most effective discounts for advertising on Delhi Metro – line will be caught if the campaign is arranged earlier and that we have assurance on the campaign. We are going to also decide on your behalf with the media owners to ensure that you just get the best possible ad prices.

Why One Should Advertise at Delhi Metro – Red Line?

Advertising in Delhi Metro – line is one of the economical and profitable methods for geo targeting any area near the Delhi Metro – line. The metro station can even be utilized to connect to those that either reside in another location but come to the actual area either for work or business purposes.

How to Advertise at Delhi Metro – Red Line?

To advertise at Delhi Metro – line, contact Exopic media straight away. All you’ve got to do is call us, plan out the advertisements and then make the campaign live. you can book your ad campaign at Delhi Metro – line by also contacting us through Whatsapp or sending a mail to us.

To book your campaign offline, simply contact us online over email, Whatsapp, or through the contact number provided on the website. A customer service spokesperson will get in touch with you and assist in executing your campaign.

What is The Proof of Execution for an ad Campaign at Delhi Metro – Red Line?

When the campaign has come to live, Images and Videos of the promotions done are shared with you. The advertisers can likewise visit the metro station for a visible examination, we conduct these examinations weekly.

What Are the Benefits of Advertising on the Delhi Metro Smart Card?

  1. Bigger Audience: DMSC advertisements can reach out to a large range of individuals.
  2. Non-disposable Promotion: Your Company’s products and services advertisement will live with the potential customer for a very long time, as one Delhi Metro smart card is used for years, unlike the newspaper which may be disposed of just after reading.
  3. Impression & Effectiveness: More powerful than another reasonable advertisement because it will remain with the potential customer for a very very long time.
  4. Direct End-Client Advertising: DMSC is the most exclusive location for advertising. Advertisement on DMSC is a golden chance to directly connect together with your end client.

With More than 7 years of involvement with marketing, digital advertising and innovative arrangements, Exopic Media is generally perceived as one of the main advertising offices in India. We are known as a reputed organization for making pivotal missions and very much sustained brands. We have effectively worked with more than 40 Brands/Clients going from Education, Fashion, and Hospitality to Pharma, Electricals, Interiors and Furniture and so on. There’s as yet nothing similar to an unsolvable fashioned test to light up our day. The thing is, in case it’s on our table, you can consider it done.

Red Line Metro Station Advertising Agency Contact Number

For more details about Delhi Metro Rail Advertising or DMRC Advertising related query, please write to us at info@exopicmedia.com or you may also reach us at +91-7678237402 or Follow us on Facebook.

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