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Radio Advertising Agency in Kolkata

Exopic Media, the most Renowned Radio Advertising Agency in Kolkata! – Exopic Media is a leading Radio advertising agency in Delhi and has numerous digital platforms in many parts of India. We have served various clients across Kolkata, and assure the best rates for FM advertising. Our information-driven planning for the Radio campaign guarantees that we pick the best radio stations in Kolkata at the most optimum expense. Reach us either through email or telephone for your Radio campaign in Kolkata.

Radio Advertising Agency in Kolkata

There are different ways of placing advertising on the FM stations of Kolkata. The regular technique for putting a promotion on FM stations in Kolkata is to contact a radio advertising agency in Kolkata. After you have reached the promotional firm and shared your prerequisite, the radio advertising firm would share a radio plan, arrange the rate for putting advertisements on Kolkata FM for your sake, purchase the promotion spots and screen them. Exopic Media is one of the most mind-blowing radio advertising agencies in Kolkata that can assist you in arranging your Radio advertisement campaign. You can connect with us for a custom plan and benefit from the best rates for your Radio campaign in Kolkata.

What are the Radio Advertising Rates in Kolkata?

FM Ad Rate in Kolkata and in the wide range of various urban areas vary for various stations. Advertisement rates are ordinarily straightforwardly relative to the ubiquity of the FM station. The expense of Radio advertising in Kolkata will be high for the stations which are famous and low for stations that are not excessively well known. Likewise, FM stations that take care of a speciality crowd could charge a premium to the promoters. For e.g: an FM station playing English music in Kolkata could have a lower reach but since it takes special care of a speciality crowd, it could charge a premium for promoting on the FM station.

Radio Advertising costs in Kolkata will likewise differ with the sort of media choice that has been picked. There are various promotion designs accessible to publicize on the FM stations of Kolkata. Alongside the pace of Jingle promoting in FM stations of Kolkata, our site additionally offers rates for other innovative advertisement types like RJ Mention, Sponsorship tag, Interviews, Studio shift, and other custom advertisement types.

Prime Time ad rate and Non-Prime Time ad rate for FM stations in Kolkata also vary: 

  • Prime Time: These are morning, from 7 am – 12 early afternoon or afternoon spaces, from 5 pm – 10 pm when the majority of the crowds are standing by listening to the radio as they drive. The rates are normally higher than different openings.
  • Non-Prime Time: The time band in which the viewership/listenership is moderately low when contrasted with the prime time. The expense is typically the most reduced.
  • RODP (Mixed Time): Ads get put in equivalent spaces between morning top, evening top, and non-top. The rates are typically moderate.

We have jotted down more information for you to decide on the best FM Radio station for your brand:

  • Ad Rates: If the expense of an advertisement is recorded as Rs 300 for a radio broadcast in a city, it implies it’s the estimating unit of 1 jingle played for 10 seconds If sponsors play a 30-second Ad multiple times for 7 days, the expense would be Rs. (300 X 30*5*7)/10 = Rs. 31,500
  • Discounted Rates: Extra Discounts on promotion rates rely on the volume of promotion purchasing by publicists.
  • Extra Cost: Advertisers should pay an extra 18% on limited rates as an assistance charge while purchasing promotion spots.

What are the Ad Types for Kolkata FM? 

Jingle Ads: The most famous ad format for FM stations in Kolkata. Pre-recorded jingles are played during the promotion breaks. The advertisement span fluctuates from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. This advertisement design ensures a high reach and recurrence.

RJ Mentions: This is the promotion design where an RJ from the FM station of Kolkata will discuss your item or service. They go through around 30-40 seconds discussing your brand. It is essential to recall that individuals tune into any FM station in Kolkata to pay attention to both the music as well as RJs talking.

Studio Shift: Any of the Radio shows can be communicated out of an area beyond the studio which is chosen by the brand. For instance, the RJs can communicate out of a specific restaurant to promote that brand.

Interviews: This is another advertisement design where somebody from the brand group is consulted by the RJ. During the visit, a sponsor can discuss the product.

Barrier: Ad spots in this promotion spot including jingles and RJ mentions a reference to are blocked for the given publicist. During the chosen time section, all advertisements on the given FM station of Kolkata will play just promotions of a given brand.

Challenges: Any type of game can be supported by sponsors where the audience has the potential for success to win an award. A few models incorporate quizzes and singing rivalries. The support needs to furnish the champ with an award worth a base expense of Rs 3000.

Sponsorship Tags: Advertisers have the open door to the name of the brand to a particular program or tune of the Radio Station as Title Sponsorship, Powered by or partner sponsorship.

Specials: Advertisers can wish the crowd on extraordinary events like Eid, Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Independence Day, and so forth.

Premium Placements: Advertisers can get exceptional positions at a greater expense briefly FCT which is broadcasted as the last or the main spot of the break.

Radio Advertising Agency Contact Number Kolkata

Exopic Media provides Radio Advertising Services Kolkata which can offer the whole list of FM Advertising Channels in Kolkata.  Radio Advertising Agency Contact Number Kolkata at +91- +91-7678237402  and we will answer all your queries related to the advertising business in any industry be it, Radio, Television, Print, Ambient media & Digital media advertising. For more details and Radio Advertising related query, please write to us at info@exopicmedia.com Or Follow us on Facebook.

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