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Radio Advertising Agency in Raipur

We’re Exopic Media, the Most Reputed Radio Advertising Agency in Raipur! Raipur is a city in the focal territory of Chhattisgarh. Radio Advertising in Raipur is an exceptionally viable medium to reach the local populace in an extremely financially savvy way. There are four famous radio broadcasts in Raipur which communicates every one of the significant updates and a wide range of music in Hindi. Aside from it, the city likewise has All India Radio which broadcast local updates. Each station has its own crowd limit contingent upon the number of audience members. Rates for publicizing on radio channels in Raipur differ as per their listenership.

Radio Advertising Agency in Raipur

The Advertising options on Radio Stations of Raipur

  • FCT (Free Commercial Time): FCT is the most basic form of advertisement in which the time slots are fixed for publicity. The time slots are organised as
    1. Prime Time: The morning campaign from 7 AM to 11 AM and the evening campaign from 5 PM to 10 PM is regarded as prime time.
    2. Non-Prime Time: The afternoon period from 11 AM to 5 PM is regarded as non-prime time.
    3. RODP: In RODP, the entire day is divided into equal time slots in morning, afternoon and evening campaigns.
    4. ROS: In ROS, the advertisement time is assigned where it seems appropriate during the whole day.
    5. Alternative days: The ad can also be played on alternative days or even skipping two days in between or just on weekends.
    6. Multiple jingles: There can be more than one audio creative for the promotion.
  • RJ Mentions: The well-known RJ of a specific station spends at least 30-45 seconds discussing your brand.
  • Sponsorship Tags: Sponsorship labels build a brand by partnering themselves with a radio broadcast program.
  • Time check: Time check helps in building a concrete image of your brand. It is the most ideal choice for long promotions.
  • Roadblock: In roadblock, the mission would run only across the particular radio broadcast.
  • Contests: Innovative and intriguing radio contests are coordinated to get the best reactions from the audience members.
  • Interview: A radio interview is an interactive meeting which permits the sponsors to communicate realities and conclusions on their brand so the audience members can frame their own perspectives.
  • Studio Shift: A studio shift is an idea which includes broadcasting a specific show outside the radio broadcast for the most part at the area chosen by the publicist or their office.
  • RJ Visit: In RJ Visit the well-known RJs of a particular radio broadcast and visit the promoter’s business area.
  • Digital Promotion: All the well-known RJs are active on social media having a fan following of millions, thus they market the brand on their virtual entertainment profiles.

The Radio Stations in Raipur 

Radio Station Frequency Language Targeted Age Group Ranking (by Excellent)
My FM 94.3 Hindi Universal 1
Radio Tadka 95 Hindi Matured 2
Radio Mirchi 98.3 Hindi, English Universal 3
VividhBharati 101.6 Hindi Matured 4

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We are a top Radio FM advertising agency in India. You may choose to contact us for best discounts and to execute your Radio Advertising Campaign. You can contact us either online, or by sending a mail at info@exopicmedia.com or call us at 07678237402

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