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Radio Advertising Agency in Patna

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Exopic media is a leading Radio advertising organization in Patna. Having served different clients across Patna, we ensure the best rates for FM advertising. Our information-driven planning for the Radio lobby guarantees that we pick the best radio broadcasts in Patna and at the ideal expense. You can get in touch with us either through email or call us for your Radio mission in Patna.

Radio Advertising Agency in Patna

There are different ways of placing promotions on the FM stations of Patna. The ordinary technique for setting a promotion in FM stations of Patna is to contact a nearby radio publicizing organization. After you have reached the promotional firm and shared your prerequisite, the radio advertising firm would share a radio plan and arrange the rates for putting advertisements on Patna FM for your benefit, all you have to do is purchase the advertisement spots and screen them. Exopic media is one of the best radio advertising agencies in Patna and can assist you in arranging your Radio promotion campaign. You can connect with us for a custom arrangement and profit the best rates for your Radio mission in Patna.

The Ad rates for FM channels in Patna are reliant upon the sort of crowd as well as the range of a station. Promotion rates are normally straightforwardly associated with the prominence of the FM station. The expense of Radio advertising in Patna is higher for additional famous stations and lower for stations that are very little well known. Essentially, FM stations taking care of a speciality crowd could charge a premium to the publicists, for example, an FM station playing English music in Patna could have a lower reach yet since it takes special care of a speciality crowd, it might charge a premium for promoting on the FM station.

Radio promoting costs in Patna likewise change with the kind of media selected. There are different promotion design choices accessible to advertise. Alongside the pace of Jingle promoting in FM stations of Patna, Exopic media FM advertising agency likewise gives rates to other creative advertisement types like RJ Mention, Sponsorship tag, Studio shift, Interviews, and other custom promotion types.

Prime Time promotion rate and Non-Prime Time promotion rate for FM stations in Patna likewise contrast. Prime Time promotion rate is the rate relevant when you decide to put your promotion during the prime time, i.e., from 7 am to 12 early afternoons and 5 pm to 10 pm. The time band could change somewhat for a couple of FM stations yet comprehensively these are the acknowledged prime time and non-prime time.

Exopic Media is a rising and fastest-developing advertising organization established in Delhi NCR with virtual branch setups in numerous parts of India, inclusive of Patna. Our skilful and professional group lets you choose from numerous advert formats, time slots, the number of repetitions and marketing campaign duration to have a successful and grandstanding marketing campaign that could construct your logo and attain a high consumer base in a completely cost-powerful way.

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We are a top Radio FM advertising agency in India. You may choose to contact us for best discounts and to execute your Radio Advertising Campaign. You can contact us either online, or by sending a mail at or call us at 07678237402. For latest updates follow our Facebook Page.


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