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Huda City Centre Metro Advertising Agency in Delhi NCR

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Huda City Center Metro station is on the Yellow Line of the Delhi Metro. Huge residential locations in and around Metro Station – Madhura Nagar, Gurugram are Setor 49, Sector 29, and Sector 45. There are roughly 43,000 travellers each day at Huda City Center Metro Station making it one of the most active metro stations in Gurugram. Promoting at Huda City Center Metro station can be utilized to target chiefly businesses and students.

Huda City Centre Metro Advertising Agency

The rate for publicizing the Metro Station – Huda City Center, Gurugram can be achieved by reaching us at info@exopicmedia.com. The rates are refreshed consistently. You can get further discounts on the rates once we know the amount and the date of the mission execution. Best discounts for publicizing on Metro Station – Huda City Center, Gurugram can be achieved assuming that the mission is advertisement ahead of time and we have sureness on the campaign. We will likewise haggle for your sake with the media proprietors to guarantee that you get the best promotion rates.

Why Advertise at Metro Station – Huda City Center, Gurugram?

Publicizing in Metro Station – Huda City Center, Gurgaon enjoys the accompanying benefits:

  • Metro Station – Huda City Center, Gurugram Metro station observed weighty footfalls consistently.
  • Metro station publicizing is a type of hyperlocal promotion. Metro Station – Huda City Center, Gurugram metro station publicizing is reasonable for brands and organizations having an actual presence close to Metro Station – Huda City Center, Gurugram metro station.
  • Metro is generally utilized by the day-to-day workers going to and from similar spots. Consequently, promoting in Metro Station – Huda City Center, Gurugram Metro station makes a more profound effect on the crowd through repeated openness.

While wanting to promote in Metro Station – Huda City Center, Gurugram, one ought to think about the accompanying significant elements: 

  1. I) Media Option: The accessible media choice are Backlit board, Pillar branding, and Kiosk
  2. ii) Quantity and span: Minimum of 1 option must be chosen for at least a 1-month term.


What is the Execution Process Flow? 

Step 1: Planning and Availability Check: Select the media choices, and length, and send the subtleties to info@exopicmedia.com with the start date. We will check and affirm accessibility within the 6 working hours.

Stage 2: Artwork and Payment: Once accessibility is affirmed then we will impart Proforma Invoice to conclusive payable subtleties. The brand needs to present the craftsmanship and furthermore needs to make the payment ahead of time.

Stage 3: Execution: We will share a jpeg of the work of art for endorsement and in view of endorsement we will continue with printing and mounting. The day we share all pictures will be considered as the beginning date of the mission and end-dated pictures will be imparted to a newspaper.

Why Advertise at DMRC?

A trusted and reasonable platform for Delhi Metro publicizing, which guarantees that thorough coverage of commercials is done the excellence:

More extensive Reach: With the scope of monstrous footfall on the metro stations of Delhi each day, it is the best mode to draw in the populace in a more limited length of time. Furthermore, with the few networks of 11 coded lines, Delhi metro stations are the biggest existing adverting stage in the national capital.

Brand Receptivity: The perceivability and impression of the brand can be caught well. As it’s the most often hit public spot which is experiencing the normal travellers practically day to day. Subsequently leaves a significant effect.

Worked on Advertisements: With the methodical and organized arrangement of ads, the grasping and enriching promotions will generally stylishly invigorate the guests of metro stations.

Worthwhile Deal: With lesser exertion, these advertisements are a reasonable method for imparting the thoughts and message of the brand name after print media and media promotions. Consequently, with the insightful and greatest increase, the association remains in a mutually beneficial position.

We are India’s first Delhi Metro advertisement organization that gives limited expenses without posing any inquiries or constraining you to join. As one of the leading Huda City Centre Metro Station Advertising Agencies in Delhi, we offer the best rates to our customers. We keep the absolute expense down and furnish you with exceptionally aggressive rates. You can likewise get in touch with us to find out about setting promotions in Delhi Metro. We are a group of thought pioneers who seek to win, work together, and secure ourselves as real industry pioneers. With a team of people who esteem trustworthiness, valiance and hard-working attitudes, we don’t leave anything a mystery. At Exopic Media, we accept that the best outcomes are accomplished in a climate where facing challenges is compensated, where we gain from our disappointments, take advantage of each chance, and where we work together to improve. Get your hands on the most moderate Delhi Metro – Gray Line Advertising Rates just through Exopic Media!

Huda City Centre Metro Advertising Agency Contact Number

Exopic Media offers advertising solutions in Huda City Centre Metro. We offered Best Huda City Centre Metro Advertising in Delhi NCR, India in Year 2022, 2021, 2019, 2018 and 2017. To know more, and/or to get the best quote for your Metro Rail Advertising requirements, please get in touch at # +91-7678237402, or drop a line at info@exopicmedia.com. For Latest updates follow our Facebook Page.

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