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Radio One Advertising Agency in India

How to Give an Advertisement in Radio One FM Channel? We are sharing all details with contact Number of Radio One Advertising Agency in India and Radio One Advertising Rates (Ads Cost) in this post.

Radio One 94.3 FM was launched in 2006 and is currently present in 7 Metro cities. Radio One is popularly known as an ‘audience engagement leader’. Radio One is breaking new ground by playing 13 songs every hour and they play around 1200 songs every month, more than any other radio stations. Furthermore, it is the only radio station that doesn’t repeat its songs during the whole day. This particular structure has increased the number of listeners and also provided a national media platform for advertisers to market their products. Radio one 94.3 FM is proud of itself regarding real differentiation where each station stands out with a clear differentiated format in every city, targeting only educated well-profiled listeners. If you advertise on Radio One 94.3 FM Mumbai and Delhi, you can perfectly reach out to the English-speaking community, whereas Advertising in Radio One 94.3 FM Bangalore, Chennai and Pune, as an advertiser you can reach out to cosmopolitan and Bollywood lovers. And by advertising in Radio One 94.3 FM Ahmedabad and Kolkata, you can reach out to refined and retro-listeners.

Radio One Advertising Agency in India

What Are The Advantages of Radio One Advertising?

Advertising in Radio One is a fantastic medium for all the local advertisers, as it gives them the freedom to reach out to the local community in a highly focused and cost-effective manner. When it comes to brand building, it requires broad reach and involvement. Offering huge scale engagement with lower entry costs and greater regional flexibility is a great selling point for Radio One FM and one that won’t be exploited by any advertisers. Book Radio One FM ads online at Exopic Media today!

What Are The Options in 94.3 FM Radio One Advertising?

Radio Commercials: Also known as FCT, these are made available by the Radio Station. Advertisers can promote their brands by purchasing a set of particular time slots at half the rates. 94.3 FM Radio One Advertising prices are further divided on the following basis:

Prime Time: These are usually morning or early evening slots, most of the audience is listening to the radio as they travel from their homes to their workplace. 94.3 FM Radio One Advertising prices are quite high when compared to the other slots.

Non-Prime Time: In this time band, the listenership is relatively low in comparison to the prime time. 94.3 FM Radio One Advertising prices are usually the lowest.

RODP (Mixed Time): The Ads are placed between morning peak, evening peak and non-peak in equal slots. 94.3 FM Radio One Advertising rates are always moderate.

RJ Mentions: The RJ talks about the advertiser’s brand when conducting the show, and spends about 30-45 sec promoting the brand.

Contests: Different forms of games are sponsored by advertisers where the listener has a chance to win prizes. For example, quizzes & singing competitions. The sponsor has to offer the winner a prize of at least Rs 1500.

Studio Shift: Any of the Radio shows can be telecasted outside of a location that can be away from the studio which is usually decided by the brand.

Sponsorship Tags: Advertisers have the golden chance to connect the name of their brand to any program or song of the Radio Station for example Title Sponsorship, Powered by or associate sponsorship.

Roadblock: Brands searching to advertise can get all the ad spots of Radio station within a particular time frame.

Specials: The Brands searching to advertise can wish the audience on important occasions such as Diwali, Eid, Independence Day, etc.

Premium Placements: Advertisers can get premium placements at a high cost for a 10 second FCT which is then aired as either the last or the first spot of the break.

What Are The Pricing Details of 94.3 FM Radio One Advertising?

  1. Ad Rates: If the price of an advertisement is given as Rs 500 for any particular radio station in a city, this means its the pricing unit of 1 jingle played for 10 seconds. If advertisers want to play a 30-second Ad for 5 times for 7 days, the price will come as Rs. (500 X 30*5*7)/10 = Rs. 52,500. 
  1. Discounted Rates: The Additional Discounts on ad rates depend upon the volume of advertisements that are bought by the advertisers.
  1. Additional Cost: The Advertisers will be paying an additional 15% on discounted rates as service tax when buying ad spots.

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Radio One Advertising Contact Number

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