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Suryan FM Advertising Agency in India

Suryan FM Advertising Agency in India is an incredible medium for nearby publicists as it permits them to connect with the local area in an exceptionally focused and cost-effective way. Brand building requires wide reach and contribution: Offering scale with lower entry cost and more prominent provincial adaptability is a tremendous selling point for Suryan FM, and one that isn’t misused by numerous sponsors.

Suryan FM Advertising Agency in India

How to Give Advertisement in Suryan FM Radio Channel?

Publicize in a station that overwhelms the Chennai wireless transmissions with present-day Kollywood music. Suryan 93.5 is an FM radio channel claimed by Indian media combination Sun Group. The channel has 7 telecom stations in Tamil Nadu. Publicists can put their promotions in a portion of its most remarkable projects like Anbudan Suryan FM and Blade No.1. Promoters can likewise get RJ Mentions from significant RJs like RJ Arun, RJ Anitha, RJ Krihpa and RJ Sowmya.

There are many options in Suryan FM Advertising:

  1. Radio Commercials: Free Commercial Time is known as FCT and is done by the Radio Station. Advertisers can promote their brands by buying a set of particular time slots at incredibly discounted rates. The Commercial times and 93.5 Suryan FM Advertising rates are classified as below:
  2. Prime Time: These usually are morning or early evening slots at this time, most of the audience is listening to the radio as they travel from home to their workplace. The advertising rates are usually higher in Primetime than in the other slots.
  3. Non-Prime Time: The time-band in which the viewership/ listenership is relatively low in Non-Prime Time. The cost to advertise in Non-Prime time is usually the lowest.
  4. RODP (Mixed Time): Ads get placed between morning peak, evening peak and non-peak in an equal manner. The rates to advertise are moderate.
  5. RJ Mentions: An RJ converses about the advertiser’s brand during the show he/she conducts. The RJ spends at least 30-45 sec promoting the brand.
  6. Contests: Different forms of games are sponsored by advertisers where the listener has a chance of winning prizes. Such as quizzes & singing competitions. The sponsor then will have to provide the winner with a prize of at least Rs 1500.
  7. Studio Shift: The Radio shows can also be broadcasted at a different location, outside of the studio. This is usually decided by the brand.
  8. Sponsorship Tags: Advertisers have the opportunity to connect the name of the brand with any particular program or song of the Radio Station as Title Sponsorship, Powered by or associate sponsorship.
  9. Roadblock: The Brands searching to advertise can also purchase all the ad spots of the Radio station within a particular time frame.
  10. Specials: The Brands looking to advertise can also wish the audience on special occasions for example Diwali, Eid, Navratri, Independence Day, etc.
  11. Premium Placements: Advertisers can also get premium placements at higher costs for a minimum 10 second FCT which is then aired as mainly the last or the first spot of the break.

What are the Suryan FM advertisement rates?

  1. Ad Rates: If the cost of an ad is given as Rs 500 for a radio station in a city, this means the pricing unit of 1 jingle that is to be played for 10 seconds. If advertisers play a 30-second Ad for 5 times for 7 days, the cost would be Rs. (500 X 30*5*7)/10 = Rs. 52,500.
  1. Discounted Rates: Exopic Media shows the lowest rates on which the ads can be bought. Additional Discounts on the ad rates usually depend on the volume of ads bought by advertisers.
  1. Additional Cost: Advertisers will be paying an additional 15% on the discounted rates as a service tax when buying ad spots.

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