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YouTube Advertising Agency in India

YouTube Advertising Agency in India – YouTube is an online free video-sharing web platform where the audience can watch, like, comment and share videos. Users also get an opportunity to create their own channel and upload videos. YouTube video service can be easily accessible on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones with a proper internet connection. YouTube was launched in the year 2005 and has witnessed an ever-since growing audience, it has also now become one of the most popular sites available on the Web. The audience base of YouTube is extremely unbeatable, with daily visitors watching around 6 billion hours of video every month. In our country, India, there are over 225 million YouTube users making it one of the leading countries in terms of YouTube audience size, with YouTube having become a perfect sport for advertising too. YouTube offers various advertising and audience targeting options for advertisers to reach a vast audience graphic across the country or world. The impression that YouTube holds in different big cities of India are listed below:

YouTube Advertising Agency in India

City Impressions (In Bn)
Mumbai 3
Delhi 6.3
Bangalore 6.5
 Hyderabad 4
Kolkata 3

Reasons why you Should Consider YouTube Advertising 

The points mentioned below will be more than enough for you to get convinced why you should choose YouTube advertising for your business and how beneficial it will prove for you:

  • YouTube users in India count to 225 million and that’s not just some random number, the number is huge. According to data, an average Indian user watches about 40 minutes of video on YouTube.
  • Among the 225 million, 60% of this mass are people who reside in non-metro cities, so it becomes very handy for the advertisers to reach the audience residing in rural areas or small town cities.
  • Another outstanding feature of YouTube advertising is that it offers a unique opportunity to target an audience through a wide range of targeting options. We’ll discuss the different audience-targeting options later in the blog.
  • When compared to other video advertising platform rates, YouTube advertising seems to be more pocket-friendly.
  • Ad performance can be measured in real-time with the help of analytics by the advertisers thus allowing them to make changes in their ad whenever required.
  • YouTube advertising is hassle-free and easy to understand as compared with other modes of advertising.
  • With a perfectly-designed YouTube advertising video campaign, you can touch the sentiments of people and connect with them emotionally and on a personal level, this will help target audience trust and expand your customer base.

With the above-mentioned reasons, you must be convinced why considering YouTube for your ad campaign will bring good and only good to your brand. Now let’s discuss the various targeting options that YouTube offers to the advertisers:

  • Geo-targeting – YouTube offers its advertisers to target an audience on various geographical aspects. With geo-targeting, one can easily target a particular state, city or Pincode.
  • Language targeting – Advertisers can target their potential customers based on the language they are using the platform in and the most viewed content.
  • Gender and Age targeting – Advertisers can easily bifurcate male and female audiences based on their age group. For example, a cosmetic brand like OLAY and Lakme would only find it fit target females who are young and like to carry themselves in style.
  • Interest targeting – Interest-based targeting options are tailored targeting options that are featured on the type of content the user interacts with the most. Interest-based targeting includes various audience categories such as business, food, hobbies, fashion, entertainment, music, DIY, fitness, shopping, tourism, etc.
  • Device targeting – Through Device targeting, advertisers get an opportunity to target a particular brand device, the cost range of the device or Android, iOS or Windows. 

YouTube Advertisement Options

YouTube has a variety of advertisements options. You can choose the most suitable type of advertisement for your brand or can also go for multiple combinations of advertisement options to reach potential customers. The different advertising options offered by YouTube are

  • Skippable Ads – Skippable ads, also known as True-View Ads are ads that the users can skip after 5 seconds of watching. These ads are played either during In-Stream or during Discovery ads. These ads are considered to be good for businesses because the advertisers will have to pay only if the complete video is watched by the audience, be it for 30 sec or less than that.
  • Non-Skippable Ads – These ads are non-skippable that are often seem to be irritating and forced on the audience. These ads work best for driving engagement but are not really well received by the audience because they appear to be forced in nature. Non-skippable ads are mostly 15-20 sec long and cost on a CPM basis.
  • Bumper Ads – Bumper ads are mostly six seconds long and are non-skippable in nature. These ads are used as standalone ads of not more than 6 sec or to complement bigger non-skippable ads of 15-20 seconds. These ads are also calculated on a CPM basis.
  • Discovery Ads – As the name suggests, discovery ads appear on the search result page of YouTube, homepage, related video sections or are used as video overlays. These ads are not limited to having a maximum length limit time.
  • Display Ads – Display Ads are like banner ads and appear right above the suggested videos section. These banner ads are clickable and take you to the advertiser’s website.
  • Overlay Ads – These ads are generally the banner or only-text display ads that run throughout the video is being played at the bottom of the screen.
  • Masthead Video Ads – These ads are the premium ad on YouTube. These advertisements are placed at the top of the Home page and are charged on a per-day basis. 

YouTube Advertising Rates in Delhi NCR

YouTube Advertising Rates in Delhi NCR depend on per view of the advertisement. So for example, if the expense to publicize in a YouTube video ad is referenced as Rs 3/view and your advertisement view counts to 10,000, the expense for your advertisement will sum up to Rs 3 X 10,000 = Rs 30,000.

 Likewise, the rates differ for other advertising options.

Placing an advertisement on YouTube

If you are looking for a YouTube Video Marketing Company India you have landed at the right place. Why should you even consider going for YouTube Advertising Services in Delhi with Exopic Media? To start with, set up in the year 2013, Exopic Media is a Marketing and YouTube Advertising Agency in India, that provides excellent digital and social media advertising solutions. We are sure that with our energy, skill in conceptualizing ideas and proposing an altered digital marketing system we will surely stand by your standards and give you a seamless experience while advertising on YouTube. YouTube Advertising Agency in India, Exopic Media is committed to providing the best rates for any type of ad campaign. Get in touch to know more.

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