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Radio Advertising Agency in Ludhiana

Radio Advertising Agency in Ludhiana – Exopic Media has always been a frontier agency in Radio advertising since its beginning in India. This is one of the important reasons why we have an undoubted rule in the genre of radio advertising. Our squad of dedicated employees have a protracted tie-up with the best and top radio stations across the country. Our media firm ensure that we never fail to give our clients the best possible audiences to engage with across the nation. Adding to our milestone, these years of exposure and prominence in the radio advertising industry have given us hands-on practice and knowledge sufficient to be able to place the ads within a specific time set with dexterity so as to provide our clients with the best ROI.

Radio Advertising Agency in Ludhiana

Radio is regarded as one of the most loved entertainment media to exist by people of all ages. As radio is a source of entertainment and is pretty much famous among the masses many brands choose it as an advertising fuel. Also, recent years have witnessed a hike in listening to FM channels, while listening the audience tend to develop a bond with their favourite station, programmes and RJs. People become loyal to the station and their favourite programme or RJ which provides a great floor to the advertisers to connect with the right set of audience. No matter what the product and service one offer, the ad reaches the targeted large audiences with the help of demographics.

The same is done by people at Exopic Media, a Radio Advertising Agency in Ludhiana by figuring out which radio broadcasting station should be used for promoting particular products and services and within which time frame of the day, week, month and year. Our team provide a wide range of radio promotional activities to make your ad campaign a huge hit. Radio advertising will not be of any advantage with only targeting the audience based on geographical areas but will work magic when targeted according to their listening preference. Cost efficiency becomes another plus point to choosing Radio advertising. Radio Advertising Rates in Ludhiana is cost-effective. Radio advertising cost much less than a television broadcast or a print advertisement. Radio handsets are an affordable medium and the message passed through can easily be understood by masses who don’t even know to read and write. Another benefit factor, you don’t need to be continuously sit in front of some electronic gadget in order to access it,  i.e, your movement will not be confined to a particular area. One can easily listen to the content that is being played on the radio while doing some other works like cooking, cleaning, driving, and whatnot.

Knowing the Objective of your Ad

Radio advertising becomes a successful campaign when listed below major objectives are achieved:

  • Branding Objectives: Their main objective is to build brand recognition and spread awareness about the brand’s products and services to your target audience.
  • Promotional Objectives: These are done in order to promote a special event, offer, discounts or promotions.
  • Tactical Objectives: Usually, these objectives are used when the advertisers want to evoke a sudden response or immediate reaction from the target audience side on behalf of the product or service.

Listed below are some of the benefits that your business will receive  from Radio advertising:

  1. Radio Gadgets are Cheap and Portable – Radio is owned by almost every individual and within every household. There’s at least one radio in each household. People often make use of the radio while driving, carrying out household chores, going for picnics & excursions, etc.
  2. You don’t have to be Educated  in Order to Access Radio – You really don’t need to be literate to access the radio, this is because the native language of a country is understood by every resident irrespective of their educational qualification. This is where radio advertising become irreplaceable.
  3. Live Medium – Like television advertising, radio too is a live medium. The on-air RJ’s attract the audience and get hold of the attention of the people better than print ads.
  4. Flexible – The flexibility of Radio ads is such that any desired changes can be made till the last minute. Ads can also be telecasted in local, English and native languages.

To get hold of the benefits of radio advertising for your business, kickstart your radio advertising journey the smart way, join hands with an independent expert with over 7 years of industry experience. Exopic Media, a Radio Advertising Agency in Ludhiana, is well experienced in Radio advertising and comes up with amazingly effective marketing campaigns that can boost your sales in manifolds.

Radio Advertising Options in Ludhiana

Following are the Radio Advertising Options in Ludhiana that are offered by every radio advertising agency:

  • RJ Mentions: In this ad-option, the RJ of the FM channel mentions the brand’s name or a particular product of the brand, thus promoting the brand. RJ mentions are about 30-45 sec long.
  • Contests: Different forms of games, be it quizzes, competitions, etc are sponsored by advertisers where the listeners get a chance to win cash prizes. For example, quizzes & singing competitions. In this contest, the advertiser has to offer the winner a prize of at least Rs 1500.
  • Studio Shift: Any Radio show can be telecasted outside in a location that can be away from the studio which is usually decided by the advertising brand.
  • Sponsorship Tags: In this ad-option, advertisers get a golden opportunity to connect the name of their brand with a particular radio program or song. Few prefixes and suffixes such as Title Sponsorship, Powered by or associate sponsorship are commonly used in sponsorship tags.
  • Roadblock: If all the ad spots of Radio stations of a particular time frame are bought by a single brand, it is said to be a roadblock.
  • Specials: The brands can wish the audience on important festive occasions such as Diwali, Eid, Independence Day, etc in order to build a bond with their audience.

Radio Advertising Rates in Ludhiana

Radio Advertising Rates in Ludhiana is priced for each second of the broadcast. So for example: if the rate to advertise on any radio station is given as Rs 250/sec and your advertisement is 20 sec long, the expense for playing your promotion once comes to Rs 250 X 20 = Rs 5,000. The rate of advertising shifts with the timeband i.e., Prime Time – from 7 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM – 11 PM are more expensive than non-prime time and mixed time.

Radio Advertising Agency Contact Number Ludhiana

Exopic Media provides Radio Advertising Services Ludhiana which can offer the whole list of FM Advertising Channels in Ludhiana.  Radio Advertising Agency Contact Number Ludhiana at +91- +91-7678237402  and we will answer all your queries related to the advertising business in any industry be it, Radio, Television, Print, Ambient media & Digital media advertising. For more details and Radio Advertising related query, please write to us at info@exopicmedia.com Or Follow us on Facebook.

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