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Are you looking for a graphic design agency in Delhi NCR (India) that can create captivating graphics and creatives for your marketing campaign or business identity? Graphics are easier to communicate your brand message to consumers rather than plain content or text. Exopic Media offer Graphic Design Services in Delhi. It has always been the top choice for those who require graphics, logo, banner designs, etc. We breathe life into every creative by making them speak to the viewer.

Brand and Logo Design Agency

Logo and Brand are unique identifiers to the business product or service. It is the reason why the logo and brands must be communicative and focused on the target audience. Our team of expert graphic designers is well versed in their work and work hard to deliver you an identifiable brand and logo design service. Not only do you get a plethora of designs, but you also get to experience the creativity, zeal and hard work put into setting the tone, the mood, the message of your brand identity. It may be a refreshed look or creating a brand identity from scratch for your brand; our team is all set for the marketing league. You can associate with us for graphic design services to unravel your brand identity and get noticed in the global market!

Your Logo is what customers relate to you the most! Needless to say, it should encompass the ethos and principles what your organization stands for. Moreover, it should make an impact on the customer’s buying decision. Professional Graphic Designers are very particular about paying attention to detail and bringing fresh and unique ideas in Brand and Logo Design service without compromising on your brand perspective.

This is a unique USP of our service as a renowned Graphic Design Agency in India.

Creative Design for Offline and Online Marketing

Exopic Media Pvt. Ltd. is renowned for its unique and refreshing outlook towards offline advertising and digital marketing services. Our wonderful amalgamation of typography, colour palette, shapes & forms brings your brand message to life. There is always a need for graphics in business marketing process whether it is offline or online advertising. In offline marketing, there is a requirement of visiting cards, brochures, banners, hoarding designs while there is a requirement of social media graphics, editorial graphics and digital advertisement banners in online marketing processes branching out into SEO Service, PPC Advertising, Social Media Services and Content Marketing.

Website Graphic Design Services

Modern websites are comprised of graphics and creative which give them a persuasive touch and feel. Our graphic design team works hard in planning, creating modern high-quality graphics in accordance with the customer’s requirements and suggestions. There is a requirement for banner graphics, slider images, explainer video production in web design and development service.

What makes us a top graphic design agency in Delhi NCR?

Every Fact has a reason! Similarly, there are reasons which make us one of the top graphic design agency in Delhi NCR. Here are some of the traits of our graphic design service that make us a great agency.

  1. Creativity
  2. Communicative
  3. Technical Expertise
  4. Curiosity
  5. Passionate

Visual appeal is the most important element in Marketing and Advertising. Every creative & graphic design requires an eye for detail, creative flair and innovative ideas. Another important aspect is to have the ability to see through the eyes of the customers and how well they perceive the brand and its message. The expert team at Exopic Media takes immense pride in all its customers who have placed their invaluable trust and elevated our reputation. This has been possible only because we focus on ‘art’ not just for art’s sake, but for specific needs and logic of displaying elements in interactive creative designs to optimize the user experience (UX).

Type of Graphic Design Services Offered by Exopic Media

Exopic Media – Graphic Design Firm in India offers a wide range of creative design service from logo design for business identity to newsletter design for email marketing services. Get complete list of services offered here.

  1. Brand & Logo Design
  2. Brochure Design
  3. Catalogue Design
  4. Visiting Card Design
  5. Envelope Design
  6. Flyer Design
  7. Letterhead Design
  8. Menu Design
  9. Branding Tag Design
  10. Packaging Design
  11. T-Shirt Printing Design
  12. Book Cover Design
  13. Standee Design
  14. Banner Design
  15. Social Graphic Design
  16. Newsletter Design
  17. Website Graphic Design
  18. Digital Ad Banners

Now you know the complete list of graphic design services offered by the Exopic Media – top graphic design agency in Delhi. For more info & and best prices please Get in touch with us @ +91-7678237402 or you can also send in your query at

We can talk about how we are different and unique, with our superior focus on creative insights, customer service, larger brand visibility and highlighting brand philosophy, but we would rather have you meet with us over coffee to understand your requirements and help you stand out from the clutter. Sounds like a plan?

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