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Grey Line Advertising Rates

How much does it cost to advertise in Delhi Metro Grey Line? Why should you advertise on the Delhi Metro Grey Line Stations? Know about Grey Line Metro Advertising Agency and Grey Line Advertising Rates (Cost) in Delhi NCR. 

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Grey Line Advertising Rates

The ad can be shown on the Panels inside the Metro Train, outside the Train as a Wrap, or the rear of Metro Smart Cards. Delhi Metro is the life belt of the NCR and interfaces Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Ghaziabad through its extensive rail organization. In this way advertising inside and outside Metro Train and on the metro smart card will contact a huge crowd. With 2 variations, Rotem trains have 4 coaches and 6 coach trains. Branding alternatives are something very similar in both. Bombardier Trains have 2 variations with 6 coaches and 8 coach trains.

The Grey (Line 9) is a line of the Delhi Metro that associates Dwarka to Najafgarh in the western part of Delhi, India. The line was opened to general society on 4 October 2019. The all-out length of the line is 4.3 kilometres (2.7 mi). The main stop of the Grey Line metro course is Najafgarh and the last stop is Dwarka. The Grey Line (Dwarka) is functional consistently. The Grey Line has 3 stations and the all-out trip term for this course is roughly 6 minutes.

With 2,700 outings each day, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation conveys 1.5 million travellers, who on a normal basis travel a distance of 17 Kilometers each. Advertisement has consistently been tied in with catching individuals’ consideration and reiteration. Also, there could be no greater spot to accomplish both than Delhi Metro. As far as ROI, the ad with Delhi Metro is second just to TV. With 336 km of track and roomy modern stations, you can be certain that your message is heard and rehashed enough to raise commonality. Subsequently improving brand mindfulness and eventually getting you what makes a difference – more sales.

Benefits of Advertising In Delhi Metro

  1. Goliath moving boards ensure that your brand message catches peoples’ consideration.
  2. High perceivability confirms that individuals read the commercial, dissimilar to skipping advertisements on TVs and utilizing promotion blockers on the web.
  3. As 2/3 of metro travellers are everyday travellers, metro wraps viably support the message, expanding brand mindfulness. So the following time when an individual goes to purchase something, your image will come into their brain first.
  4. With movement time enduring from two or three minutes to 1.5 hours, the effect your commercial has on individuals is unrivalled.
  5. Informal exchange is the most remarkable type of promotion and the sacred goal of any advertising effort. Advertising with Delhi Metro urges individuals to discuss the brand, in this way spreading the word.

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Exopic Media is focused on getting the most precise information for the clients. Subsequently, we guarantee the advertising rates are refreshed on a successive premise. Delhi Metro Train Advertising is perhaps the most famous promoting option, consequently, advertisers must know Delhi Metro – Grey Line Advertising Rates. You can discover the refreshed Delhi Metro – Grey Line Advertising Rates by associating with us through the contact data accessible on our site. Delhi Metro commercial rates are frequently a central consideration while joining various roads of promotion into your advertising plan. Delhi Metro advertising is one of the expense proficient promoting spaces you can utilize on the off chance that you consider the number of individuals you can reach as for the cost paid.

We are India’s first Delhi Metro advertisement organization that gives limited expenses without posing any inquiries or constraining you to join. As one of the leading Grey Line Metro Station Advertising Agencies in Delhi, we offer the best rates to our customers. We keep the absolute expense down and furnish you with exceptionally aggressive rates. You can likewise get in touch with us to find out about setting promotions in Delhi Metro. We are a group of thought pioneers who seek to win, work together, and secure ourselves as real industry pioneers. With a team of people who esteem trustworthiness, valiance and hard-working attitudes, we don’t leave anything a mystery. At Exopic Media, we accept that the best outcomes are accomplished in a climate where facing challenges is compensated, where we gain from our disappointments, taking advantage of each chance, and where we work together to improve. Get your hands on the most moderate Delhi Metro – Gray Line Advertising Rates just through Exopic Media!

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