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TV Advertising Rates in India

TV Advertising in India – Television was first seen in America in the year 1950 and its impact was such that within a decade it spread all over the European countries, Canada, Australia and Japan. In our country, India, it was first commissioned in 1949 as an experiment. The TV commercials started in 1976. Television telecasting is the perfect synchronization of sounds, light, motion, colour and immediacy. Earlier transmitting stations in India were known as Doordarshan Kendras. In India, transmission in colour started in 1982 and with is TV advertising in India was born.

TV Advertising Rates in India

No other media platform could compete with the reach that Television advertising provides. Watching TV continues to be one of the popular media to pastime, and entertainment especially now when the world is hit by a pandemic. Tv advertising caters to huge business profit. Television commercials help drive market share, people across the world trust TV and advertising on it provides a large scale reach to advertisers. Just imagine,  it’s a winter evening, and the whole family is cozying, taking sips of coffee and eating some snacks around the television to watch their favourite TV show or movie, what more would be a perfect time to advertise than this.

TV advertising rates depend on how suitable the audience is to the potential advertiser. For instance, a TV show with a female audience will be more suitable for brands that sell products that are primarily of women concern. Also, viewers demographics, time, channel and the location in which ads airs too play a major role in the advertising rate. Now let’s see some of the major factors that affect TV Advertising Rates in India:

  1. Channel of the TV Show or the Channel Itself: Popular TV channels and TV shows will charge more for their advertising spots.
  1. Demographics of Viewers: Advertisers want their ads to reach the audience that spends money. Mostly, the preferred age group by advertisers is 25-55 years, as people within this demographic are employed and can spend bucks to make a purchase.
  1. Live Viewership: Advertisers need to pay more for the programs that are going live. Placing an advertisement during sports matches, singing, dance or cooking competitions will cost more than the typical TV shows.
  1. Time Selection: Primetime ad spots rates are usually higher than other slots. In India, the time around 7 pm to 11 pm is the prime time in regards to Television. The audience engagement is high during this time slot and hence it is considered to be the best time to advertise.
  1. Geographical Location: People living in metro cities tend to spend more money as compared to people living in other areas/cities. Advertisers pay more for placing their advertisements in big cities.
  1. Length of the Ad: The length of your TV advertisement will greatly impact the cost of broadcasting expenses. The cost for a short ad, say for 10 seconds, will cost a lot less than a 60-second time slot.

Types of Television Commercials 

In the broad category, there are two types of television advertising, sponsored programmes and announcements.

Sponsored Programmes 

Sponsored programmes are films, series or daily soaps that are sponsored by the advertisers. Advertisers can take advantage by advertising their product or service during the show. The benefits of sponsored programmes are:

  • It builds the perfect image of the advertising house and its product. Sponsoring programmes works the best for brands that want to make their place in the industry. It makes the people recall your brand name and in some cases, the programmes are often synonymised by the brand.
  • Advertisers get the liberty to design the programme content in a way that suits their product or service the best.

Announcements or the Typical TV Ads

An announcement is a kind of advertisement that is presented to the audience between the programme. It is the typical ad that we all are familiar with. Advertisers pay only for the duration of the advertisement and its frequency. A crowd of advertisers go for this type of Tv commercial. These ads are mostly regarded by the advertisers because

  • This type of ad becomes very handy when you talk in terms of money. Advertisers can save bucks by going for this type of advertisement. Even small business owners can go for this type of advertising.
  • These ads are brief. The maximum duration of these ads is 15 seconds. Within this short span, it becomes easy to convey the message as viewers won’t get bored of 10 to 15 seconds of an ad. Also, it costs less than sponsoring a whole show or programme.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TV Advertising

When thinking of TV advertising, a good start will be to be through with its pros and cons. Advantages include the likelihood a TV ad will maximize sales with greater audience engagement, the ability to pair visuals, sound and narrating emotions, and reaching a nationwide large audience, whereas disadvantages may include, the need to entertain the audience and hooking them up to watch your ad, the tendency for people to not pay attention during commercials, also difficulty in tracking the success of the advertisement.

TV Advertising Advantages 

  • Tv advertising covers a very large and wide audience
  • Gives you an opportunity to advertise Nationwide
  • Keeping the audience engaged with the ability to tell a story that isn’t possible in print or text
  • Ideal for brands or services that want to stay top in trend and in the mind of the people

Disadvantages of TV Advertising 

  • It may happen that people are tuned in, but that doesn’t mean they’re paying attention to your commercial
  • It becomes difficult to track and measure performance. Also, checking the success of the ad campaign takes time, you can get the results in real-time.
  • Requires a large upfront investment, which makes it a challenging marketing strategy for beginners

Ad Options on Television

Advertisements on Television are played both throughout the break or during the content being played. Some of the famous advertising options available for TV are:

  1. Video Ads: Video ads are broadcasted during the ad breaks. The least duration for a particular video ad is 10 seconds and can be increased by 5.
  1. L Bands: Aston Bands are basically thin horizontal strips that appear during programs at the end of the TV screen. The duration of Aston Band per exposure is 10 seconds. You can choose the number of Aston Bands per day and the total number of days you would prefer to advertise. Prices are in accordance with the time band chosen.
  1. Brand Integrations: Some programs are sponsored by brands. The program integrates the brand name or products or services offered by the brand while being on air.

Moving onto the Big Question, How Much does it cost for an Advertisement on TV?

TV Advertising Costs completely depends on the creative length, selected time band, location and duration of the campaign. The rates are charged per second of airtime, for example, if the Cost of TV advertising is mentioned as Rs 500/sec and your ad is 10 sec long, the cost for playing your ad once will come to Rs 500 X 10 = Rs 5,000. Also, the rates for Prime Time are contrastingly higher than the non-prime time.

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Television advertising is the favourite advertising medium among all advertisers. It is every brand’s dream to place their ad on TV. Television advertising enumerates better credibility to a brand. With the video format of ads, one can engage with the customers in a very entertaining way and connect to the sentiments and emotions of the people. For an advertiser wanting to reach out to Pan India, no other advertising medium works more effective than Television commercials.

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