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Radio Advertising Rates in India

Insight of Radio Advertising – Radio broadcasting in India started way back in 1927 with the setup of two privately owned transmitters in Bombay and Calcutta. In 1930, the Government of India took over them and started operating it under the name Indian Broadcasting Service. In the year 1930, it was renamed All India Radio (AIR). Commercials on Radio was started as an experiment in the year 1967 in the city of Bombay, Nagpur and Pune stations.

Talking about the present scenario of Radio, it covers 97.5% of the total population and 91% of the total area in the Indian subcontinent. In total there are 205 radio stations.

Radio Advertising Rates in India

Advertising on the radio is considered to be a fantastic way to grow your business, revenue, and brand awareness. If you are among the people who are struggling to find out the basics of radio advertising and common challenges such as which station to choose, radio advertising cost, which ad format type to choose or simply how to begin with radio advertising, you don’t need to worry, we are here for you. In this guide, we will help you understand the know-how of the radio industry and provide you with relevant information that will enlighten you through your radio advertising journey.

In Radio advertising, advertisers pay radio stations for airtime and in exchange, the commercial station broadcasts the advertiser’s commercial to its vast audience. Radio advertising is often called word of mouth advertising as radio is a medium that attracts us through sound.

During the early ages of radio, it was often considered as the primary source of entertainment for families. Parents and children would sit in front of the radio to listen to their favourite broadcast, and popular broadcasts would be the talk around the watercooler the next day. Such popularity did not go unnoticed by businesses. As long as radio broadcasting came into being as a medium to connect to a large audience, businesses have used it to increase awareness about products and services. The advertising which uses radio media in order to reach the consumers is called radio advertising.

The beginning of the 20th century saw the promotion of the sale of radio sets. Manufacturers and retailers emphasized increasing the sale of radio sets rather than making a profit. During this time, investing in radio stations were done to entice households to make a purchase of radio sets and less as a standalone revenue system.

In the course of time, radio began to grab the market and it became a norm to broadcast on a continuous basis. Radio station owners started to own business licenses and seeking ways to make themselves sufficient. In this way, radio commercials came into being.

The first recognised form of radio advertising started in early 1922 when toll broadcasting opportunities came into existence, in which businesses could finance a broadcast in return for having their ad placed in mentioned on AIR. Later that year, the New York station was the first to run an official paid advertisement, from this onwards radio advertising become more popular leading into the Golden era of radio. With this Radio advertising in India came into its presence.

Types of Radio Advertising

Radio advertisements are called spots, brands buy these spots to place their advertisements. Various types of ad spots are available that you can choose from. You need to get the best one which would suit your advertising campaign the perfect way. Let’s see a few types:

Radio Live Read

In a live read, the Radio Jockist reads out the ad while being live on air. Listeners who are already familiar with the RJ’s voice are more likely to get engage with the advertisement. This type of advertisement helps your brand to stand out from the crowd, putting a direct spotlight on your ad message.

Radio Sponsorship ad

This type of advertisement suits them best, to people looking for an ultra-fine approach to their ad message. Brands can choose to sponsor any regular or special program of any particular station. The advantages of sponsorship ads are the following:

  • High Engagement: Sponsored ads call for high engagement, especially when competition is sponsored by a brand. Audiences are encouraged to participate and stand a chance of winning cash prizes or other forms of rewards.
  • Reach: In most cases, sponsored ads are placed first in the commercial breaks which mean your advertisement is more likely to be heard by the listeners before they switch to another station.

Radio Testimonial

There is something that builds credibility about hearing other people’s experiences with a product or service. Radio Testimonial ads are the same, people share real-life experiences with a product or service. As humans, we don’t easily feel comfortable with trying something new, thus using radio testimonial advertisements makes the listening audience more receptive and builds trust for the brand.

Radio Straight Read

This type of advertisement features the benefits of using a product or a service from particular brands and service providers. The primary role of these advertisements is to inform the listening audience how they can get in touch with your brand, make a purchase, where they can visit you, or contact details.

Advantages of Radio Advertising

There are numerous Radio Advertising Advantages that you need to know. Listed below are few advantages of radio advertising:

  1. The advertiser can broadcast any number of commercials at time slots he feels like the most appropriate.
  2. Listening to radio is still a popular source of entertainment, especially in rural India where not all households own a television. Hence, it has wider coverage.
  3. Radio advertising is understood even by people who are not educated.
  4. Advertisements can be presented in a story or as a song form to make them more interesting and interactive.
  5. Transistors are mobile in nature. That is, they can be carried and heard outdoors too. So, an advertiser could consider this advantage and advertise on the radio.

Disadvantages of Radio Media

  1. In the absence of visuals, the impact of radio advertising often gets limited.
  2. Radio advertising fails to engage the listener if the listener is not concentrating at the time of the play of advertisement.
  3. Certain radio programmes contain numerous advertisements. Hence, it remains unsure whether all advertisements would be remembered by the listener.
  4. It is not suitable for products that require a demonstration while advertising.

Good Reasons why you Should Choose Radio Advertising for Your Brand

Listed below are few benefits that come with Radio advertising:

Selective Targeting: Each radio station already has a fixed demographic and market segment that it targets. By choosing a particular station, you can lock in your potential customers, increase the frequency of delivering the ad message and easily grab the attention of a prior set audience segment.

Increased Frequency: Advertising in radio successfully works with reaching your audience on repeat. Radio is considered to be the best medium to build brand awareness. With people listening to the same station on repeat, you will be able to target and impact the same people often.

Memorable: Sound is considered to be more effectively stored in your memory than written texts. This is the reason why brands go for creating a jingle for their product or service so that the audience can associate the jingle with the product/service. Thus, radio advertising is regarded as the best for brand recognition.

Cost-effective: Radio advertising requires less cost compared to other types of media platforms. Television or print ads can reach up to hundreds of thousands for video equipment, actors, models, editors and designers. Advertising in radio requires fewer resources while you get a chance to reach a vast audience.

Radio Advertising Rates in India

Radio advertising cost in India is charged for each second of the broadcast appointment. So for instance: if the rate to advertise on any radio station is given as Rs 200/sec and your advertisement is 10 sec long, the expense for playing your promotion once comes to Rs 200 X 10 = Rs 2,000. Advertising Rate shifts with the timeband and is straightforwardly corresponding to the range. Prime Time i.e, from 7 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM – 11 PM are more expensive than non-prime time and mixed time. In any case, on the off chance that you think about the range during these hours, the expense per reach comes down, making it simple for the Radio planning organization to include it into the plans. Some agencies provide discounted rates on Radio advertising. For example, Exopic Media offers the Best Radio advertising rates in India, the ads can be purchased for.

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