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Hit FM Advertisement Rates 2021

In this post we are going to share details about Hit FM advertisement rates 2021 and process How to give Advertisement in Hit FM Radio. Hit FM or Zabardast Hit 95 is a well known FM radio broadcast in Delhi. Zabardast Hit 95 was dispatched in September 2006. The station plays Bollywood and Punjabi music. Zabardast Hit 95 FM is the Only best station in Delhi to play at least 12 Zabardast Hits an hour and continue to promote under 12 minutes per hour.

Hit FM Advertisement Rates 2021

How to give advertisement in hit fm radio?

Hit FM Radio Advertising has greater durability. Hit FM Radio Advertising gives more choices of room to Advertise and it can undoubtedly give more data about products to customers. Hit FM Radio Frequency 95 Advertisement is extremely exquisite and appealing. Hence, it is the best Advertising alternative. Hit FM Radio Advertising has an exceptionally low cost per eyeball proportion. Hit FM Radio Advertising moves with the group catering to the vehicular, person on foot and nearby vehicle travellers at the same time.

Why choose hit fm for advertising?

Hit FM has an incredibly high listenership, which implies it can assist the brand with imparting an enormous crowd inside a brief timeframe.

Its crowd predominantly comprises young people and consequently promoting through this stage can help a brand focus on the more youthful segment viably.

The Advertising Options In Hit Fm

  1. FCT (Free Commercial Time): FCT is a very basic form of advertising, in this, the time slots are usually fixed for advertising. The time slots are as follows:
  • Prime Time: The morning drive from 7 AM to 11 AM and evening drive from 5 PM to 10 PM are known as prime time.
  • Non-prime Time: The afternoon time from 11 AM to 5 PM is known as non-prime time.
  • RODP: In RODP, the day is divided into time slots equally in morning, afternoon and evening drives.
  • ROS: In ROS, the advertising time is allotted wherever it seems fit during the day.
  • Alternative Days: The advertisement can also be played on alternative days, skipping two days in between and also just on weekends.
  • Multiple Jingles: More than one audio creative for advertising can be created.
  1. RJ Mentions: The popular RJ of any station spends about 30-45 seconds describing your brand.
  2. Sponsorship Tags: Sponsorship tags build a Brand’s image by associating themselves with a radio station’s programme.
  3. Time check: Time check assists in building a concrete image of your brand. It is an excellent option for long term advertisements.
  4. Roadblock: Here, the Campaigns will run exclusively on a specific radio station.
  5. Contests: Innovative and Interesting radio contests are organised to get responses from the listeners.
  6. Interview: A radio interview is usually an interactive session where the advertisers express facts and opinions on their brands so the listeners can form their own opinions.
  7. Studio Shift: Studio shift is a concept that includes broadcasting a show outside the radio station generally at the location selected by the advertiser.
  8. RJ Visit: In RJ Visit, the Popular RJ’s of any specific radio stations visit the advertiser’s location.
  9. Digital Promotion: All the popular RJ’s are quite active on social media having a fan following of millions, so they promote the brand on their social media profiles. 

Hit Fm Advertisement Rates 2021

The rates are for each second of the broadcast appointment. So for instance: if the expense to publicize in Hit FM, is given as Rs 250/sec and your advertisement is 10 sec long, the expense for playing your promotion once on Hit FM comes to Rs 250 X 10 = Rs 2,500. Advertising Rate for Hit FM shifts with the time band and is straightforwardly corresponding to the range. Prime Time is from 7 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM – 11 PM. Rates for Prime Time in Hit FM are higher than non-prime time and mixed time. In any case, on the off chance that you think about the range during these hours, the expense per reach comes down, making it simple for the Radio planning organization to include it into the plans.

Pricing for Advertising in Radio depends on the following points:

  1. i) Rates are according to the creative length, the selected time band and duration of the campaign​.
  2. ii) Premium charges are applicable for targeting specific programs, crunched time bands, and spot positioning.

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