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SAB TV Advertising Agency

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on SAB TV? Why should you Choose SAB TV for Advertising?

Sab TV Advertising Agency in India: SAB TV is Sony Pictures Network’s Hindi general entertainment channel that communicates different entertainment shows like everyday dramas, unscripted TV dramas, and other programs. Sab TV was launched in 1999 and is one of the main Hindi entertainment channels today. Sab TV is one of the top Hindi Entertainment channels as per the BARC viewership information.

Sab TV Advertising Agency

What are the SAB TV Advertising Rates?

The given rates are for each second of broadcasting. So for example on the off chance that the expense to promote on SAB TV is referenced as Rs 400/sec and your advertisement is 10 sec long, the expense for playing your advertisement once on SAB TV will come to Rs 400 X 10 = Rs 4,000. The promoting rates for SAB TV fluctuate with the timeband and are directly corresponding to the span. Prime Time is from 6 pm to 10 pm whereas 9 pm to 10 pm is additionally viewed as Super Time time. The rates for Prime Time and Super Prime Time in SAB TV are essentially higher than non-prime time. However, in the event that you think about the scope during these hours, the expense per reach comes down making it attainable for the TV planning organization to include it in the plans.

Why One Should Advertise on SAB TV?

The rate to advertise in SAB TV is one of the lowest among any news channels in India. Its prominence in the Hindi belt makes promoting SAB TV a basic piece of any Television campaign. SAB TV has well-known projects and TV anchors. Along these lines, the commitment of watchers is exceptionally high with the channel. SAB TV is likewise upheld through its online portal SAB TV live. Exopic Media is an approved advertising office that can help you plan and purchase advertisement spots in SAB TV at the lowest rates.

How Does Advertising in Sony SAB Works?

Ads on Sony SAB are played during the break as well as when the content is being shown on the TV. There is more creative freedom when putting up ads during the break, whereas the messaging needs to be grouped with the content when deciding advertising options during the content. Some of the famous advertising options on SAB TV are:

a) Video Ads – These are broadcasted during ad breaks. The duration for a video ad is a minimum of 10 seconds and this can be increased by 5.

b) L Bands – Also known as Aston Bands, these are thin strips that are shown during a program at the end of the screen. The Aston Band duration is 10 seconds per exposure. You can choose the number of Aston Bands per day plus the total number of days you would want to advertise. The prices are per the time band you have selected.

c) Brand Integrations – These are called custom media options and are created based on your advertising budget and the goal.

How Does Pricing Works on SAB TV?

  1. The rates are according to the creative length decided, the time band you selected, and the duration of the campaign.
  2. The premium charges are applicable for targeting a particular program, crunched time bands, and spot positioning.

What Are the Benefits of Advertising on SAB TV?

This feature of Sab TV  makes it more efficient for advertising platform:

  1. Show of different genre that covers certain interests of everyone are broadcasted on Sab TV
  2. Sab TV has incredible viewership across all age groups.
  3. The Sab TV Advertising prices are contrastingly lower when compared to other leading channels.
  4. The channel has a National reach.
  5. Sab TV Advertisement options are available for both prime time as well as non-primetime shows.

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