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Newspaper Advertising Agency in Delhi NCR

Newspaper Advertising Agency in Delhi – Whether you are new to the business industry or an already established business organisation, the question of how to reach your potential customers remains the same. As the advertising and marketing world is dynamic in nature, it becomes hard to keep up with all the latest trends. But despite all the other complications, one medium is such that it has continued to prosper over the years and offers credibility that no other medium can offer, Newspaper Advertising.

Newspaper Advertising Agency in Delhi NCR

Advertising in newspapers is one of the oldest forms of advertising and has been around the corner than other types of advertising that we get to see today. It has been over the years and is the first choice by the advertisers. Placing an ad in the newspaper is loy more about than just advertising one product. It can make your customer make a purchase of your product again and again. It is one of the major sources of reaching a large audience especially the demographic aged 40 and above. People of the retiring age tend to read newspapers more than the younger generation. Another important aspect of newspaper advertising is that you can place ads in the appropriate section that closely related to your target audience.

People of this age tend to read newspapers more often than younger demographic groups who get their news from television or the internet. Another thing about newspaper advertising is that you can target your ads to the appropriate section as lifestyle, business, sports,  that most closely relate to your target audience.

Advantages of Placing Your Ad in the Newspaper

  1. Better Reach – A study resulted in, the average time people spend on the internet is mere 8 seconds. Fortunately, this does not happen with a print medium like newspapers and magazines. Advertisers choose newspapers to advertise because newspaper readers relate to the content because they do it leisurely or because they value the news and its content, they understand the importance that the newspaper holds. Newspaper holds massive potential to get your message to the audience and encouraging them to act.
  2. Focused Reach – Many newspaper advertising agencies offer ways in which advertisers can target a particular demographic through postal are codes. You can target your audience more precisely by contacting a niche advertising agency that will help you reach a particular demographic or ethnic group. Another thing you can do is to go for both print and digital media. This ensures that your message will get in front of your target audience more frequently across different media platforms.
  3. Flexibility – Newspaper advertising offers an array of advertising options that you can choose from. Classified, display, inserts, etc. The insert can be of catalogues, cards, single sheets, and more are some of the most common types of newspaper advertisements. Each type of advertisement are customisable, you can easily hire a newspaper agency that will guide and help you in placing your ad in the newspaper.
  4. Affordable – Newspaper advertising can cost you thousands of bucks if not done in the right way. The rate of advertising depends on the newspaper, location and the frequency of the ad. You can save on the ad investment by hiring a known advertising agency that will offer discounted rates.
  5. Credible – Newspaper offers credibility that no other media can offer. People who get to see ads in the newspaper of your brand makes them trust your brand, product or service. It also provides brand recognition and builds identity in the eyes of the audience.

Newspaper advertising has been around for a long time, and so advertising in newspapers. While advertising in the newspaper may seem like an easy nut to crack, there are few things one must be aware of before placing an ad in the newspaper.

In this guide, we will cover everything related to newspaper advertising, from types to advertising rates, and much more.

Types of Newspaper Advertising Options Available

Let’s, start with the types of advertising offered by newspapers. There are four major categories in which businesses can run their newspaper ad campaign:

Display Ads – Display ads are the most lavish form of newspaper advertising. They appear alongside the regular content of news. These ads can be published on any page of the newspaper running from one-eighth of a page to a full-page ad. Display ads are the most expensive ad when compared to other types of newspaper advertisements. Big and established brands of cosmetics, electronics, luxurious items and home appliances products choose this type of advertising.

Inserts Ads – Inserts ads are also known as free-standing inserts or FSIs. These ads are single sheet or in a booklet form which are placed inside the newspaper before they are distributed in a targeted particular region. These ads can include promotional offers, coupons, vouchers, details of new product launch, mini catalogues, etc.

Classified Ads – These ads are the cheapest form of advertising in the newspaper. Classified ads are rated on per line or per word basis. Generally, in a classified ad, the first word is in bold format and the remaining is in regular font size. These ads are short yet comprehensive and lack design elements. People who want to put employment notices, local events, announcements, lost and found, sale, purchase, renting, accommodation often go for choosing classified ads. Classified Advertisement in Newspaper has resulted in success and has helped people in finding a job as per their requirements, to promote a local event, etc.

Classified Display – Classified display advertising is priced a little more than the typical classified ads. These ads are rated per column centimetre or per square centimetre. These ads have borders to increase visibility. These ads can have graphical representation or design elements, unlike classified ads. These ads have a size restriction and are most commonly used for obituary and recruitment ads. Classified display ads have higher visibility and response rate.

Newspaper Advertising Rates

Like other forms of marketing, newspaper advertising rates vary based on various factors. Some of the few factors which influence advertising rates in the newspaper include:

  • Size of the Advertisement: Newspaper ads are priced by per column inch. This means the larger the ad, the more money it will cost to the advertiser.
  • Placement of the Ad: Placing your ad on the front pages of the newspaper will cost more than placing the ad on the middle pages of the newspaper. The choice of the page and the area selected for the ad plays a key role in deciding the rate of the advertisement.
  • Frequency of the Advertisement: Daily newspapers will charge more than monthly or weekly, but the more ads you run the less it will cost over time. In newspaper advertising it is often said, the more you buy, the more discounts you get.
  • Type of Advertisement: The different types of advertisements mentioned above have different types of advertising rates. For instance, a classified display ad will cost less than a display ad.
  • Circulation of the Newspaper: Placing an ad in a national newspaper will cost far more than an ad in the local or regional newspaper, summing up, you are probably paying for the reach of your advertisement.

As mentioned, the rate depends on the size and page number of the ad, let us say the per square cm rate for a particular newspaper is Rs 1000 and you have to place an ad of 50 square cm. The cost of this ad size becomes Rs 1000 X 50 = Rs 50,000. The minimum ad size accepted in the newspaper is 20 square cm. Also, placing your ad on the front page and 3rd page cost more compared to the other pages in the newspaper.

Now that you know how much it cost for an advertisement in the newspaper, let us tell you where you can find the best Newspaper Advertising Rates in Delhi NCR. With More than 7 years of involvement with advertising, advanced showcasing and inventive solutions, Exopic Media is the best Newspaper Advertising Agency in Delhi. You can reach us to know about Newspaper Advertisement cost in Delhi.

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