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Radio Advertising Agency in Dehradun

Why Advertise at Exopic Media, the Leading Radio Advertising Agency in Dehradun? FM Radio Advertising in India began with the dispatch of Radio City Bangalore, on July 3, 2001, as India’s first private FM radio broadcast. Until recently, just All India Radio also known as AIR used to communicate Radio content and Radio promotions in India. Overall FM Radio promoting ads to practically 10% of all-out showcasing spends however in India Radio Advertising represents under 5% of promoting spend. Famous FM stations in India are Radio Mirchi, Radio One, Red FM, Radio Fever and FM AIR Rainbow. There are around in excess of 80 FM stations across urban cities in India. Huge FM Radio business sectors are Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai.

Radio Advertising Agency in Dehradun

Exopic Media is a leading Radio promoting organization in Dehradun. Having served different customers across Dehradun, we ensure the best rates for FM advertising in Dehradun. Our information-driven Radio lobby guarantees that we pick the best radio broadcasts in Dehradun and at the ideal expense. Reach us either through email or telephone for your Radio Advertising Services Dehradun.

There are different approaches to put promotions on the FM stations of Dehradun. The ordinary strategy for setting an advertisement in FM stations of Dehradun is to contact a radio publicizing organization like Exopic Media Radio Advertising Services Dehradun. After you have reached the advertisement office and shared your necessities, the radio promotion organization would share a radio arrangement, get the rates for setting promotions in Dehradun FM for your benefit, purchase the promotion spots and screen them. Exopic Media is the best Radio Advertising Agency in Dehradun and can help you in arranging your Radio promotion crusade. You can contact us for a custom arrangement and benefit from the best Radio Advertising Rates in Dehradun.

Get Radio Advertising Rates in Dehradun for all FM stations that operate here. FM Ad Rates in Dehradun or in some other city changes for various stations. The Ad rates for FM channels in Dehradun are reliant upon the sort of crowd just as the scope of a station. Advertisement rates are normally straightforwardly associated with the popularity of the FM station. The expense of Radio advertising in Dehradun is higher for more well-known stations and lower for stations that are very few famous. Additionally, FM stations taking into account a speciality crowd may charge a premium to the sponsors, for example, FM stations playing English music in Dehradun may have a lower reach yet since it obliges a speciality crowd, it might charge a premium for promoting on the FM station.

Radio advertising costs in Dehradun additionally change with the sort of media picked. There are different promotion design choices accessible to advertise. Alongside the pace of Jingle promoting in FM stations of Dehradun, Exopic Media site likewise gives rates to other creative advertisement types like RJ Mention, Sponsorship tag, Studio shift, Interviews, and other custom advertisement types.

Prime Time advertising rates and Non-Prime Time promotion rates for FM stations in Dehradun additionally vary. Prime Time advertisement rate is the rate relevant when you decide to put your promotion just during the ideal time, i.e., from 7 am to 12 early afternoons and 5 pm to 10 pm. The time band may differ somewhat for few FM stations yet extensively these are the acknowledged prime time and non-prime definitions.

What Are The Advantages of Advertising in FM Radio?

FM Radio promotion enjoys many benefits. Publicists decided to advertise on FM Radio because it is well known for the accompanying reasons:

  1. FM Radio promotion enjoys the benefit of local targeting. Through playing a promotion on FM, one can connect with a solitary city. For e.g.: a brand needing to target just Delhi NCR through FM Radio can pick just Radio Mirchi Delhi or Red FM Delhi.
  2. FM Radio promotion helps reach an audience on numerous occasions. As research recommends, a buyer needs to pay attention to an advertisement 4-5 times before he/she makes a move or forms an assessment. FM Radio advertising enjoys an extraordinary benefit for high recurrence showcasing campaigns.
  3. An FM sponsor can utilize numerous jingles in a solitary FM Radio publicizing campaign.
  4. FM Radio Advertising rate gives one of the most reduced expenses per reach.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on FM Radio?

FM Radio advertising prices start at Rs 30 per 10 seconds and then go up to Rs 2,500 for a 10-sec advertisement. FM Radio advertising prices are always mentioned as prices for playing your 10 seconds advertisement once on an FM station. You can get the complete list of FM Radio stations in India at Exopic Media.

How to Give an Advertisement on FM Radio?

To give an ad in FM Radio stations try to reach out to a radio advertising agency such as Exopic Media. We will assist you not only with selecting the right FM channel to advertise to products or brands but will also get the best prices for FM advertising. Exopic Media by virtue of being a leading radio advertising agency has an office in Delhi and will provide the best planning support as well as best Radio Advertising choices in Dehradun.

What are the Types of Advertising Available in FM Radio Advertising?

  1. Jingle Publicizing – Most famous media choice for FM Radio Advertising. Radio jingle is played which can be anyplace between 10 seconds to 2 minutes. Promoting rates for jingle is the most minimal rate among any remaining radio publicizing media alternatives.
  2. RJ Mention – An unobtrusive type of FM Radio promoting, famous RJs talk about the brand on radio. FM Stations charge a premium for publicizing on radio FM through RJ makes reference to.
  3. Sponsorship Tag – Brands can support a well-known program on the radio. FM Stations give sponsorship labels for free as a part of the FM Radio promoting bundle.
  4. Radio Contest – Brands can part with prizes to FM Radio audience members who take part in challenges run by famous RJs on their public broadcasts. A fascinating FM Radio publicizing design that comes at a higher cost than normal on ordinary FM radio promoting rate.
  5. Time Check – Brands can support time checks on FM Radio. An FM publicizing design should be reasonable for long haul sponsors.
  6. Studio Shift – Radio RJs can come and cover the occasion at the promoter area. This is one of the most costly FM Radio advertisement options and radio broadcasts charge a substantial premium on the customary card rate of FM Radio publicizing.
  7. Roadblock – Brands can decide to play just their promotions for a given timeframe. This FM advertising alternative offers brands a chance to connect in a non-jumbled climate on Radio. As this is a top-notch advertising option on FM radio, sponsors pay a premium of standard FM radio promoting rate.

With More than 7 years of involvement with promoting, digital showcasing and effective fixes, Exopic Media is broadly perceived as one of the main advertising organizations in India. We are a rumoured office well-known for making notable missions and all around supported brands. We have effectively worked with more than 40 Brands/Clients going from Education, Fashion, and Hospitality to Pharma, Electricals, Interiors and Furniture and so forth. There’s as yet nothing compared to an old fashioned test to light up our day. The thing is, in case it’s on our table, you should consider it done.

Radio Advertising Agency Contact Number Dehradun

Contact at Radio Advertisement Contact Number in Dehradun at +91-7678237402 and we will answer all your queries related to the advertising business in any industry be it, Radio, Television, Print, Ambient media & Digital media advertising. For more details and Radio Advertisement related query, please write to us at info@exopicmedia.com Or Follow us on Facebook.

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