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Radio Advertising Agency in Indore

Exopic Media, the most Distinguished Radio Advertising Agency in Indore! Indore is the most crowded and biggest city in the territory of Madhya Pradesh. Radio Advertising in Indore is an exceptionally powerful medium to reach the local populace in an extremely efficient and effective way. There are five well-known radio broadcasts in Indore which communicate every one of the significant updates and all sorts of music in Hindi. Aside from it, the city likewise has Vividh Bharati which communicates local updates. Each station has its crowd limit contingent upon the number of audience members. The rates for commercials on the radio channels in Indore differ as per their listenership.

Radio Advertising Agency in Indore

The Radio Stations in Indore

Radio Station               Frequency       Language        Targeted Age Group        Ranking

(by Excellent)

Radio Mirchi              98.3                   Hindi                Universal                                 1

My FM                         94.3                 Hindi                Universal                                 2

Red FM                        93.5                 Hindi                Youth                                       3

Big FM                         92.7                 Hindi                Matured                                  4

Vividh Bharti                101.6               Hindi                Matured                                  5

What are the Available Radio Advertising Options in Indore?

  1. FCT (Free Commercial Time): FCT is a basic form of promoting in which the time slots are rigid for advertising. The time slots are classified as:
  • Prime Time: The morning drive starts at 7 AM and ends at 11 AM whereas the evening drive starts at 5 PM and ends at 10 PM.
  • Non-Prime Time: The afternoon time starts at 11 AM and ends at 5 PM.
  • RODP: In RODP, the whole day is separated into time slots for the morning, afternoon and evening drive equally.
  • ROS: In ROS, the advertising time is distributed where it seems relevant during the full day.
  • Alternative days: The ad can also be played on substitute days or even skipping two days or just on weekends.
  • Multiple jingles: There can also be 2 audio creative for advertising.
  1. RJ Mentions: The well-known RJ of a specific station uses at least 30-45 seconds to promote your brand’s products and services.
  1. Sponsorship Tags: Sponsorship tags build a brand by connecting itself with a specific radio station’s programme.
  2. Time Check: Time check assists in creating a strong impression of your brand. It is the best choice for long term advertisements.
  3. Roadblock: In roadblock, the crusade will run exclusively across a specific radio station.
  4. Contests: Imaginative and interesting radio contests are held to get the best responses from the listeners.
  5. Interview: A radio interview is an intercommunicating session that permits the promoters to express their opinions on their brands so that the listeners can form their own opinions.
  6. Studio Shift: Studio shift is the concept that includes broadcasting a specific show outside the radio station, usually at a location that is chosen by the advertiser or their office.
  7. RJ Visit: In RJ Visit, the Popular RJ’s of a specific radio station goes to the advertiser’s private commercial location.
  8. Digital Promotion: All the famous RJ’s are quite active on social media having a fan following in millions, that’s how they advertise the brands on their social media profiles.

What is the Process to Follow to Have a Successful radio Advertising Campaign in Indore? 

  1. Share your Necessities and Needs: Approach our proficient organizers and agents and offer your prerequisites for the mission.
  2. Plan the Crusade with us: We will help you as far as picking radio broadcasts, right promotion design, crowd reach, recurrence of advertisements, promotion length, crusade span and schedule openings to have an effective mission live.
  3. Get The Best Statements: We give the most reduced guaranteed rates with the best services for Radio Stations across India.
  4. Receive the Sound Innovative Delivered: Leverage your image’s inventiveness with our fantastic group and produce the sound imaginative with us, totally liberated from cost, if charging surpasses Rs 30,000.
  5. Go Live: See your image hit live inside an absolute minimum period and accomplish a showing off reaction.
  6. Track a Campaign: Receive log reports during the mission time frame.
  7. Get your Verification of Execution: Receive Broadcast Certificate after the finish of your mission.

Why Hire Exopic Media, the Supreme Planner for Radio Advertising in Indore?

Exopic Media is an emerging and the quickest developing advertising organization settled in Delhi NCR with digital branches in many parts of India. Our skilful and master group assists you with choosing from different advertisement designs, schedule openings, the number of redundancies and mission duration to have a fruitful and successful crusade that can construct your image and accomplish a large buyer base in an extremely practical manner. We have numerous long stretches of involvement with media purchasing, arranging and execution and can offer excellent types of assistance with relatively lower rates. Exopic Media is a gifted and very much experienced group of individuals who give an engaged and guided assistance toward their customers and works to offer great types of assistance that joins inventiveness and are worth valuing. We have served a large number of customers and aided them in advancing their brands and reaching the interest group effectively. Exopic Media is the best spot to discover when it comes to radio advertising services Indore.

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Radio Advertising Agency Contact Number Indore

Contact at Radio Advertisement Contact Number in Indore at +91-7678237402 and we will answer all your queries related to the advertising business in any industry be it, Radio, Television, Print, Ambient media & Digital media advertising. For more details and Radio Advertisement related query, please write to us at info@exopicmedia.com Or Follow us on Facebook.

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