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Radio Advertising Agency in Jaipur

Why Choose Exopic Media, the Most Popular Radio Advertising Agency in Jaipur! Jaipur is the capital and biggest town within side the state of Rajasthan. Radio Advertising in Jaipur is a very powerful medium to attain the local populace in a very cost-powerful way. There are 8 distinguished radio stations in Jaipur that broadcast all of the vital updates and all types of songs in the Hindi language. Apart from it the city additionally has All India Radio and Vividh Bharati which broadcast neighbour hood updates. Each station has its very own target market capacity relying on the variety of listeners. Rates for advertising on radio channels in Jaipur range in line with their listenership.

Radio Advertising Agency in Jaipur

There are diverse methods to place commercials at the FM stations of Jaipur. The traditional approach of putting an advert on FM stations of Jaipur is to touch a local radio advertising company. After you have contacted the advert company and shared your requirement, the radio advert company might share a radio plan, negotiate the fee for putting commercials on Jaipur FM on your behalf, purchase the advert spots and monitor them. Exopic Media is one of the great radio advert agencies in Jaipur and will assist you in making plans for your Radio advert marketing campaign. You can reach out to Exopic Media for a custom plan and avail yourself of the best rates for your Radio campaign in Jaipur.

Jaipur or in every other city varies for exclusive stations. The Ad charges for FM channels in Jaipur are established upon the form of the target market in addition to the reach of a station. Ad charges are generally directly correlated to the popularity of the FM station. The value of Radio advertising in Jaipur is better for more famous stations and lower for stations that aren’t much famous. Similarly, FM stations catering to a gap target market would possibly rate a top class to the advertisers, such as FM station playing English track in Jaipur would possibly have a lower reach however since it caters to a gap target market, it could charge a top class for advertising at the FM station.

Radio advertising charges in Jaipur additionally change with the form of media opted for. There are numerous advert layout alternatives available to advertise. Along with the rate of Jingle advertising in FM stations of Jaipur, Exopic Media website additionally offers charges for different progressive advert sorts like RJ Mention, Sponsorship tag, Studio shift, Interviews, and different custom advert types.

  1. FCT (Free Commercial Time): FCT is the most basic type of advertising in which time slots are settled for advertising. The time openings are classified as:
  • Prime and Non-prime Time – Prime Time ad rate and Non-Prime Time ad charges for FM stations in Jaipur also differ. Prime Time ad rate is the price applicable when you choose to place your ad only during the prime time, i.e., from 7 am to 12 noon and 5 pm to 10 pm.
  • RODP – In RODP, the complete day is split into equal time openings in morning, afternoon and evening drives.
  • ROS – In ROS, the publicizing time is shared out where it seems relevant during the whole day.
  • Alternative Days – The advertisement can likewise be played on substitute days, skipping two days in between and just on weekends.
  • Multiple jingles – There can be 2 audio creative for advertising.
  1. RJ Mentions and RJ Visit: The famous RJ of a specific station spends about 30-45 seconds advertising your brand whereas in RJ Visit the popular RJ of a radio station tours the advertiser’s business location.
  1. Sponsorship Tags and Time Check: Sponsorship tags construct a brand by connecting themselves with a radio station’s programme whereas Time check helps in building a strong impression of your brand. It is the most suitable option for long term advertisements.
  1. Roadblock: In roadblock, the campaign will run solely across the radio station.
  1. Contests: Inventive and interesting radio contests are held to get the best reactions from the listeners.
  1. Interview: A radio interview is a session that allows the advertisers to express their facts and opinions on their brand so the listeners can develop their own opinions.
  2. Studio Shift: Studio shift is a concept that includes broadcasting any show outside the radio station usually at the location that is selected by the advertiser or their office.
  1. Digital Promotion: All the prominent RJ’s are always active on social media and have a fan following of millions, hence they can promote the brand on their social media profiles. 

What is the process that is to be followed to have a great radio advertising campaign in Jaipur?

  1. Share your Necessities: Approach our efficient planners and executors and share your necessities for a marketing campaign.
  2. Plan the Marketing Campaign with us: We will help you in phrases of selecting radio stations, the proper advert format, audience reach, frequency of ads, advert length, marketing campaign period and time slots to have a hit marketing campaign on-air.
  3. Receive Satisfactory Quotes: We offer the lowest assured charges with satisfactory services for Radio Stations throughout India.
  4. Get the Audio Creative Produced: Leverage your emblem’s creativity with our incredible group and convey the audio creative with us, completely freed from cost, if billing exceeds Rs 30,000.
  5. Go Live: See your emblem hit on-air inside a bare minimum time frame and gain a grandstanding response.
  6. Track a Marketing Campaign: Receive log reviews during the marketing campaign period.
  7. Receive Evidence of Execution: Receive a Broadcast Certificate after the completion of your marketing campaign.

Why Hire Exopic Media for Radio Advertising in Jaipur?

Exopic Media is a leading Radio advertising agency in Jaipur. Having served multiple customers throughout Jaipur, we assure satisfactory prices for FM advertising. Our data-led planning for the Radio marketing campaign guarantees that we pick the best radio stations in Jaipur and at the most desirable cost. Contact us both via email or phone for your Radio marketing campaign in Jaipur.Exopic Media is a rising and fastest-developing advertising organization established in Delhi NCR with virtual branch setups in numerous parts of India, inclusive of Jaipur. Our skilful and professional group lets you choose from numerous advert formats, time slots, the number of repetitions and marketing campaign duration to have a successful and grandstanding marketing campaign that could construct your logo and attain a high consumer base in a completely cost-powerful way.

We have as many years of experience in media buying, planning and execution and offer superb services with relatively lower rates. Exopic Media is a skilled and well-experienced organization of people who offer centred and to the point help to their customers and works with the reason of presenting superb services that integrate creativity and value pricing. We have attended to lots of customers and helped them in promoting their brands and attain the target market successfully. Exopic Media is the high-quality place to locate what you’re seeking out in a radio advertising marketing campaign in Jaipur.

Radio Advertising Agency Contact Number Jaipur

Contact at Radio Advertisement Contact Number in Jaipur at +91-7678237402 and we will answer all your queries related to the advertising business in any industry be it, Radio, Television, Print, Ambient media & Digital media advertising. For more details and Radio Advertisement related query, please write to us at info@exopicmedia.com Or Follow us on Facebook.

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