Mar 31

Everlasting relationships with travellers

Everlasting relationships with travellers - Exopic Media: There are a lot of branding opportunities that airline passengers can be exposed to, even before they actually are on board. Pre & post flight communications, airport lounges and airport’s ambient media present multiple communication platforms that can be used to reach out…
Mar 31

International Reach

International Reach With people flying different airlines every day in countries around the world, in-flight media reaches out to audience of both domestic and international travelers with a penchant for spending money before, during and post journey. Travellers while they are in a different country use that country’s domestic airlines…
Mar 31

High frequency of exposure

High frequency of exposure High frequency of exposure - People in general use commercial Airlines to reach their destinations. And they fly different airlines, depending on their changing flying schedule and destinations. This results in an automatic higher reach of in-flight ads, which in turn also means a higher exposure…
Mar 31

Multiple advertising format options

Multiple Advertising Format Options - Exopic Media offers a very wide gamut of advertising formats to choose from, for your advertising campaign, i.e. Print (Inflight magazines, Airport lounge periodicals and specific printed media), Ambient media (airport lounge area and other strategic areas in and around the airport) & Digital media…

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